An Introduction….



My name is Kay and this is an introduction of my blog, and family, to you!

I have four grown children and two still at home. Three of the four grown children are married and have children of their own … my six wonderful grandchildren. We are a real (I wanted to say ‘normal’ but the meaning of the word varies substantially from one family to another!) growing family with faults, talents, problems and victories. I am sure the biggest part of my blog will be about them, hence the title The More The Merrier.

If our family isn’t big enough with all the human members, we also all have pets. Here at the house we have two wolf-hybrids, and (for now) five puppies. We have several ‘barn’ cats (meaning they live outside and keep the rat and snake populations from thriving), a rat terrier, two cockatiels, two rabbits, three roosters, a handfull of chickens, and a small flock of guineas. They are all integrated parts of the family in one way or another. The puppies will soon find homes of their own,and hopefully sooner than later!

Our little family never stops growing, and I was recently informed that in April of next year, I will once again be a Nana…another grandson is on the way. This will be the last installment to my oldest daughters family. She has decided four is enough (she didnt realize my insanity was due to raising her and her three siblings!) and plans to fix the problem permanently once the new addition arrives. Then only the youngest daughter will be left to add any more names to my Christmas list!I am hoping this will grow to be an interesting hobby, both for me as well as any readers that may be tuning in from time to time. Until next time…make room in your heart for just one more…you never know when a visitor will make your life more meaningful!


  1. Wow – wolf hybrids – now that sounds adventurous! Thanks for entering the giveaway at my blog. And good luck!

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