Well its the New Year…2009. Another chance to start over and try to make a new start. A chance to try to improve all of our mistakes, and misstarts from last year and the years before. My new years resolution? Its the same resolution I repeat every year. My resolution is to simply try to make this year better than last year. That takes care of all the silly promises to ‘lose weight, catch up on minor house repairs, be a better mom, be a better wife, etc., etc., etc’, that most people (including me) make every year. It encompasses all of it in one fell swoop and isnt it just easier if you dont ‘itemize’??

One promise I made to my Dad and myself is to try to attend church services a little more often. While talking to my Dad on the phone this morning ( I called to wish him a Happy New Year) he brought up the fact that so many people are ‘looking’ for something to ‘make’ them happy. They go through life thinking, “If I could just do/have/see this or that, I could be happy”, but when they do/have/see this or that finally, they still arent really happy. If they could just realize that God is there for them, and do what He wants us to do, then they could be happy. A lot of my happiness has come from finally realizing that He is who I have to lean on in my life. Once I started leaning on Him, and depending on Him, and following it up with trying to do what He would want me to do with my life, it started lightening up, and the stress got so much easier to deal with. So now I sound like I am preaching, (WHAT? A preachers daughter on a soapbox??!?)
but actually, I am just witnessing on this first day of what is going to be a beautiful happier New Year!

I hope all of you have found that calm spiritual place in your own lives, or, if you havent yet, that this is the year that you do. Ok, I’ve climbed down. See you later!


  1. Happy 2009! Hope the New Year is going well so far. 🙂

  2. That is a great resolution!

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