And Even More…

We are moving to 13 acres that my DH parents owned. DH’s father passed away on March 5th. He really missed his wife, who passed away last year. Now they are together, and I know he is much happier. The land was left to DH and his siblings, but someone has to take care of all the animals out there. Since we are renting the space the mobile home is on, we are moving the mobile home out there (at last, no more paying lot rent!), and have inherited all the fowl. The cows, calves and bull belong to DH and his siblings, but we will take care of them until they decide what they want to do with them. Sometime in the future, we will probably get a few head ourselves. Right now we will deal with the fowl. There are two cockatiels, three parakeets, a parrot, two sugar gliders(not fowl), nine geese, two guineas, a few roosters and many doves. Mama used to have hens, but something ( we think it was a raccoon) killed them all.

Glutton for punishment that I am, this, (added to our already large menagerie) was just not enough, and I purchased fifteen adorable little chicks! They are all pullets (females) and hopefully someday will be very proliferate laying hens. As I type we have goose eggs in the incubator too, so we may have even more geese.

I am hoping that next year I will be selling lots of eggs for Easter, and maybe a few geese for the Easter feast. I thought about Easter chicks too, but I worry about how they will be treated after they go home with all those adoring children. I know when I was younger, my parents used to buy us Easter chicks and ducklings, and I remember that a few didn’t quite make it into the pin feather stage. I would just lay awake nights wondering how all those little chicks are doing out there in the big world…

So I have five Rhode Island Reds, five Silver Wyandottes, three Buff Orpingtons, and two Black Australorps. They are all around two weeks old now, and starting to get their pin feathers in. My DH is working on fixing the chicken pen (a huge old monstrosity) so that whatever got my MIL’s chickens won’t have the chance to get to mine. The boys want ducks too, so by next year we will really be rocking and rolling…or should I say quacking and clucking…?!?!

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