New Grandchild News!

Happy News! My youngest daughter has recently informed me that I am once again going to be a Nana! This makes grandchild number nine. I will officially have enough grandchildren for a baseball team.

I have informed my children that they must buy family memberships to our local zoo because my grandparents membership wont even cover half the grandkids now. Its not like we have ever tried getting the whole family together at the zoo. The only place we ever really go out as a WHOLE family is a local pizza buffet. Before long we’ll take up that whole establishment when we go in!

Zoo Day? My DH laughs because we pretty much have our own ‘petting zoo’. All we need is a lamb, or a goat. I remind him that the boys are joining 4-H next year, and could very well choose a lamb or a goat. He’s not laughing so loudly any more. Mitchell, my 8 yr old ( today is his birthday) has even mentioned a pig, but I didnt dare repeat that to DH. At least, not yet. I figure we can break that news to him at a later date.

So. NINE. No we dont know if Nine is a boy or a girl yet, but I can tell you that we are ALL praying that it is a girl. Out of all the biological grandchildren, I only have one grandaughter. ONE. I have the two (step) granddaughters (I hate that word), but they are both older. The youngest will be 18 this year. I never knew them as cuddly babies. They make it to very few of the family gatherings because they have their own lives already. Thats another subject, maybe for another day. Today I will revel in the knowledge that I have another wonderful grandchild on its way to this world. Hopefully … a granddaughter. God has truly blessed us!

Now, I wonder how DH would feel about setting up a baseball diamond in the back pasture???

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