Waddle, Waddle – Quack! Quack!

Crested duckling

box of ducklings

Six new additions! I just went and picked up the six little ducklings we ordered from the feed store! They weren’t supposed to be in until after Easter, but the lady at the feed store called and told me they had come in early. We got one little male and five little female mallards. They are so cute right now, peeping and waddling around! One of the females has a little tuft of yellow on her head. She was so different than the rest, I had to get her. My DH says she is a cross breed, but I just don’t care. He says I always root for the underdog, but isn’t she just adorable? After some research I found that she is what they call a ‘Crested’ mallard!
So, now I have to set up another brooder out in the shed, then go pick up the boys from school. They will be so surprised! They certainly aren’t expecting the new baby ducklings to be here yet. They can hardly wait for us to live on the farm. 
Waddle, waddle, Quack! Quack!


  1. Stopping by on the blog party! Those ducklings are so cute!

    Have a great blog party week!


  2. Oh, i like the ducks! I hear duck eggs are good, too, tho i don’t think i’ve ever had them. My neighbors had geese when i was growing up – but they were mean.

    Stopping by from the party. Have a great day!

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