SafetyTat from Kailani at Island Reviews

Alright everyone. I was just out surfing around the blogosphere, and one of my favorite blogs is reviewing and giving away one of the most ingenious products I’ve seen yet for our children. The blog is Island Reviews. Kailani always has great reviews on some of the most innovative products, and this one is no different. The product is SafetyTat.

SafetyTat is a temporary tattoo that you simply apply to your childs arm when you are going somewhere that you are afraid they might get separated from you. The tattoos come either pre-printed with info, or you can order the ones you write on, in case your child is going to be with another adult, or on a field trip, etc. They have the cutest designs too, so your child will really think they are cool! 

I am always worried about my grandkids when we go to the zoo. I plan to order a batch of these just for those occasions! I’m sure my grandsons will think it is cool, since they love tattoos! Oh, also! If you are like me and have a ‘Tween’ that you don’t think needs a cell phone, yet they just can’t seem to remember numbers, SafetyTat comes in designs just for them too.

SafetyTats can be used to give school info, medical info, allergy info, or just a simple cell phone number. Please remember never to use your childs name on anything like this though. That leaves them open to danger from strangers. Some one could read the tat and call your child by name, making them think they should know this person. So, don’t let your child wear anything with their names on it. 

So go give Kailani a visit at Island Reviews and sign up for her SafetyTat giveaway!

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