Spring! I love Spring!

SPRING! I absolutely LOVE Spring! The weather here in Texas (in the Houston area anyway!) is either rainy/thunderstorms or bright sunshine. I love them both, as long as neither goes on for too long! lol! Yesterday we had Easter thunderstorms, complete with black roiling thunder clouds, lightening and lots of loud thunder. By the afternoon, the storms had rolled out, and the gorgeous sunshine radiated everywhere! Somehow, it just seemed that’s how it should have been on Easter. The lightening and thunder to remind us of the crowd that followed Jesus through the streets, ridiculing him. The rain to remind us of the tears and sadness shared by his disciples, and his mother, and Mary Magdalene. Then the gorgeous bright sunshine to remind us he is risen, like a new day, and we can all be saved, and rest with Him someday.

EASTER!! What a wonderful day of renewal! I had one little baby goose hatch out. He was so adorable, with his big long rubbery neck, and his soft sweet downy covered body. Once he got control of his head and neck (somewhat!), he tried to walk on his big, clumsy, webbed feet. He kept tripping himself, and falling down. He would just lay there and ‘peep’ for a few seconds, and get up and try again! I can hardly wait to see him run with the rest of the geese we have out here. That’s a picture of them in my header, for those who didn’t know. My DH gathers the eggs they lay every night. He brings them in, writes the date on them in pencil, and lays them in the brooder. They sit there for about a month before they hatch out into gangly little birds. Hatching birds never cease to amaze me. All crowded up, they lay in their eggs until its time to hatch out and consider the world.

The little chicks and ducks I blogged about a month ago are no longer little. They are so BIG now! Not quite full grown, but so much bigger than those adorable little peepers I brought home a month ago. The chickens will all be between 8 and 10 pounds when they are full grown. They are maybe a third of that now. I cant wait for them to start laying eggs! The ducklings still haven’t gotten any feathers but they are twice as big as they were. It will be funny to watch them fight with the geese over the wading pond we have in the pen. I will probably have to get another pool, just to keep the rivalry down to a low roar. If you’ve ever heard ducks or geese, you know they can be loud. Multiply that noise by fifteen or so, and you’ll have a small idea. They make great watchdogs!

I want to take a moment to send my condolences to the Spohrs, parents of Maddie, who passed away this past week. I cannot imagine the sadness, or how I would even begin to deal with something like this. My heart goes out to them. Little Maddie is with Jesus now, and running in big fields of flowers, full of sunshine. She lived her purpose here, and now can rest and be forever happy. Pray for her parents, that they find comfort in the fact that she rests in Jesus’ arms.

As I understand it Heather was a Stay At Home Mom, and her husband, Mike, an independent contractor. This loss has kept Mike out of work, so right now they have no income. If you would like to help them out please just click on the button I have posted, or you can send things to the following UPS address:

Mike & Heather Spohr
11870 Santa Monica Blvd. #106-514
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Thank you Lord, for watching over all of us, every day.

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