I’m back with Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits!

Ok, I know I have been away a long time. I had some family/economic things that had to be settled, but now I am back. I promise to do my best not to be gone for any lengthy amount of time again. I need to blog, to write, for me if for no one else! Not that my readers are ‘no one’! You are the best.

Ok, on to a more relevant discussion…food!

This past Saturday, I took care of my grandkids for my daughter. (Her husband travels often in his job, and she works also. Occasionally she doesnt have a sitter, and I get the luxury of my grandkids company!) I had to meet her early to pick them up, and there is a Whataburger restaurant very close to where I was meeting her.

Now, I am not much of one for breakfast out. I would just as soon eat at home where I can have eggs and bacon the way I want them.

Yet, for some reason, Whataburger has this strange effect on me. If I am close to one early in the morning, I start having cravings for their biscuits and gravy…or…the HONEY BUTTER CHICKEN BISCUIT! UGH…I LOVE THOSE THINGS! I do not know what it is about their biscuits, but they are so good! Light and fluffy, and warm. Then with a very generous helping of honey butter slathered all over that biscuit, and a very healthy portion of deep fried chicken breast….mmmm! I was in heaven!

Now, if you are watching your sodium intake (or your fat intake) you may not want to order the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. It has 1008 mg of sodium, and 560 calories (over half of which are fat calories). If you just want to pig out occasionally and get down on some full flavored, warm, down-home-honey-butter-chicken richness…this biscuit is just the thing!

Whataburger is my very favorite breakfast restaurant. And I know my dad would tell you the same. He eats breakfast there every Sunday morning before church. So, if you haven’t ever had the pleasure of Whataburger’s breakfast, check them out. Maybe its just the country girl in me, but those Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits are the best!

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