Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Pepsi Refresh Project

First I want to apologize for taking a week off. Life sometimes gets in the way of the things we like to do. That being said, I have an important message that I want to share with you.

I am a “treehugger”. The Earth is very important to me, so ecology and enviromentalism are important to me as well. Anyone who knows me can tell you this. The next thing they will tell you about me is that I am an animal lover. Having owned a few wolf-hybrids, one of my most important ’causes’ is wolves. So, when I got an email from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary asking me to vote for them in the Pepsi Refresh Project, I jumped on it. I posted it on my facebook, and told all my kids to get online and vote. It is important. It is important to me, but more important to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing permanent, safe sanctuary for abused and abandoned captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs.

They see the importance of educating the public about the truth about wolves. They travel around New Mexico and nearby areas, taking their Ambassador Wolf to schools and events and they have on-site tours to help people better understand their mission and why wolf sanctuaries are necessary.

Wild Spirits mission is:

    • To operate and manage a lifetime sanctuary for displaced, unwanted and un-releasable captive-bred wolves, wolf-dogs, and other related species, utilizing such resources as may be available from local, city, state, and private entities or individuals;


    • To educate the general public about wolves, wolf-dogs, and other related species and our environmental and ecological issues related to wildlife;


  • To generate self-supporting, sustainable revenue resources to assist in the financial support of the sanctuary.

They dont need you to donate money. Well, ok, they do. I am not asking you to donate money. I am asking you to donate five minutes on your computer to do something to help the world, the environment, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Go to http://refresheverything.com/wildspirit and vote. They want, no, NEED to win so they can repower the sanctuary with Solar energy.

After you vote, visit Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary online. Read about the important good work they are doing. Hug your dog, and know that you have helped make the world a better place. Oh, and thank you!

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