Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Day At The Beach

Hubby being dive-bombed by birds


On this day at the beach, these birds suddenly started dive bombing my DH. He couldn’t figure out why…
Lone Bird dive bombing Hubby

…so he tried to make them leave him alone by waving his hat at them…
Boys running to help Hubby being attacked by birds on beach
…the boys heard him hollering and ran to help him…but the birds wouldnt leave them alone. As he was ducking from the birds, DH saw what was making the birds crazy…

Birds nest on beach

They had a nest there on the beach. We found another place a little farther up the beach to fish and left the birds, and their nest alone.
I couldn’t get over how well those little birds protected their nest. They didn’t care how big the enemy was. They just wanted Hubby to leave their nest alone.

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