Under the Tree Project at 5Minutes for Mom

A fragrant, billowy, Christmas tree, all decked out with glittering lights and gilded ornaments stands guard over dozens of boxes wrapped in an assortment of patterned paper and ribbons. These boxes hold skateboards, dolls, tea sets, and radio-controlled cars. A bright red bicycle with red and white sparkle streamers sits nearby. Garland envelopes the fireplace and doorways. Stockings full of fruit, candy, and iPods line the fireplace garland. Candles are lit, and sit with bowls of candy on tables by the couch and chairs. The dining table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth in anticipation of the turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, broccoli, cornbread stuffing, and cranberry sauce that will adorn it. This is how most people envision Christmas morning.

I know Christmas will be slim for my family this year. It has been a tradition since I met my DH, that we have a real tree. Last year my husband was out of work, and we were living off of unemployment checks, so we pulled out an artificial tree that his parents had owned, and we will probably put up that same tree this year. Even though he is working (a wonderful blessing) this year, he took a substantial cut in pay. Thanks to family and the ambivalence of a local organization, the boys will have presents under the tree. We will have Christmas. Every year I hand make an ornament for each of my children and grandchildren. Thanks to a hefty assortment of scrap yarn my grandchildren will receive something from Nana and Papa this year. I am content with this. It would be nice to be able to go shopping and buy them all something that takes batteries, and makes noise enough to drive their parents bonkers, but I am content. Expensive toys and candy are not what makes Christmas to me. Christmas to me is anchored in faith, my love of God, and my family.

Unfortunately there are families that wont even be able to enjoy even a slim Christmas this year. The parents may still be out of work, or have hospital bills they cannot pay, much less buy Christmas presents. Many families are having trouble putting any dinner on the table, much less plan a Christmas feast with all the trimmings. Many of us know at least one of these families and a few of us are one of these families. You can do something about it.

Check out 5Minutes for Mom’s Under The Tree project. Click on their button on the left side of my blog, or on any link in this post, and it will take you to this wonderful project. Susan and Janice have wonderful sponsors that want to help provide presents for children of the less fortunate for Christmas. All you have to do is nominate a needy family. Please don’t tell the family that you have nominated them, since they can only provide help to a certain number of families. No one wants to see a family disappointed when they are already struggling.

Go to 5Minutes for Mom. Nominate someone, and take a chance to make some child’s Christmas just a little brighter. No one has to know. God will know. And like my Mom always says, “You’ll make brownie points in heaven.”

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