The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Change

I have decided to take part in the blog version of “The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Change”. I am doing it in part to help you, the readers, learn a little more about me. I am also doing it as incentive to help me get in the habit of posting daily (something we all know I need to get into the habit of doing!).

Today’s prompt is ‘The Person or People That Make Your World Go Around’. I am SO happy that this one fell on Wordless Wednesday, so I will not write very much…I probably wont have much room anyway!

The people who make my ‘World Go Around’ are my family ~ children, and grandchildren.

The last two left at home. My Monster and Daredevil. Arent they cool in their sunglasses?!

Youngest daughter, her husband, and two children

My youngest daughter, her boyfriend and their two children.

Oldest daughter, her husband, four children
My next oldest (the oldest daughter), her husband, and their children.

Middle son, his wife, her youngest daughter
The next oldest (youngest son), his wife, and one of her two daughter’s. (make no mistake,these girls are my granddaughters, and this one is having my first great grandbaby!)

Oldest son, his wife
My oldest son and his wife…

and him with his boys. By the way, his wife will be having another baby soon, and that will make ELEVEN grandbabies!

My mom, and step-dad

My mother, and her husband Clarence (a very wonderful man!),

and last, but NOT least,

Dad, and Susan
My Dad and his wife Susan ( a very wonderful woman!)

This is my family. I could list all of Joel’s siblings, as they are a very large part of this family too, but these are the people that spin MY world. I hope your family is a wonderful as mine!
I just want to give credit to Whitney from “its gravy, baby!” for this magnificent idea! Thanks Whitney!


  1. You have a lovely family. Wow, eleven grandchildren, how awesome!

  2. Thank you Terra and Randi! They are a blessing, and so much fun!

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