Want an Affordable Way to Eat Out Occasionally?

Have you cut back on eating out?

In this day and age, with the economy being what it is, we have learned it is cheaper to just cook at home. I know I need to get out once in a while though, and Father’s Day is the next best excuse. With only one ‘real’ income in our home, it isn’t easy for us to just get up and eat out at a decent ‘sit down’ restaurant. I don’t know about your house, but in mine, if someone asks where we want to eat out, it usually ends up being CiCi’s pizza or one of the other fast food establishments.

 Wouldn’t you love to go to a restaurant and actually be waited on? My father calls these places “More-tea” places…because there is always someone coming to the table to ask you “More tea?” Would you love to go to these restaurants but just cant justify the amount you know you’ll spend?

I have the answer.


Restaurant.com lets you eat at really nice restaurants…”more-tea” restaurants. You can eat at over 18,000 restaurants nationwide for a fraction of the cost. They help restaurants promote themselves, while helping us save money on eating out. All you do is go to the website, type in your zip code, state, or nearest popular city, and up comes a list of the nearest participating restaurants! To the right of each restaurant is a box that lists the particular certificates you can purchase for that restaurant, and how much each certificate will actually cost. Normally this will reflect a large savings from what you would normally spend, depending on the restaurant. At the bottom of this box are the stipulations for your purchase. It tells you a minimum for the bill, whether you can use it for only Dine-In or not, whether the tip is included, etc. Make sure you read this!

Also, another good tip…call the restaurant before you purchase the certificate. Make sure they will honor it. I purchased a certificate for a local place that we absolutely love, but cant afford to eat often. When we got there they had a big sign posted stating they no longer accepted Restaurant.com certificates. We were disappointed, but my wonderful husband told us to go ahead and order. I think he was kind of craving the food too!

I notified Restaurant.com by email when I got home. It took them a little while but they answered me back, and replaced the certificate with a gift card of the same amount, so I could order another certificate for a different restaurant.

Oh, and if you sign up for their emails, you will hear about the specials they run before anyone else. Often these are for 80% or more off their normal prices! I’ve bought $25 certificates for $2 and $3! So, whether you want to eat out more often without going broke, or you just want to be able to eat at a really nice restaurant for less, check out Restaurant.com.

Eat. Drink. Save Money.

I was not compensated in any way for my post. The views reflected in this post are mine and mine alone. I love Restaurant.com because they give me an affordable way to eat out.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on Susanna’s Apron. I’m glad my post was helpful!
    I’m going to check out Restaurant.com. My kids and I never eat out! This will be fun!
    Glad I started following you yesterday, via VoiceBoks!

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    Will keep this tip in mind when we visit the US again in the fall 🙂

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