Wolverine Boots Are So Cool!!

The last day of May I was informed I was the winner of the Grateful Giveaways posted by iGoBOGO. Today UPS showed up with a very light box. When I first took it, I wasn’t sure what it was, since it was so light for its size. When I saw the label, I called the boys into the house. This was the Wolverine shoes I won, and we planned to give them to my husband for Father’s Day.

These are the coolest shoes! When I was notified that I won them, I was given a selection to choose from. I chose the ones that were the closest to the pair of shoes he already owned, the Terrain Mid – Wolverine iCS Waterproof Mid-Cut Trail Hiker. I don’t know about your hubby, but mine is picky about his shoes, jeans, and hats. I wanted to make sure he would like them, and wear them. From the picture, I knew they were a style he would wear, but I didn’t realize just how cool they were…


The footbed of these shoes (the bottom, inside) comes out. Underneath the footbed is a little orange donut that comes out. This helps you adjust the shoes to your comfort! My husband has a habit of walking on the outside of his feet. He always buys boots because his ankles are messed up, because he walks on the outside of his foot. His shoes wear out all wonky because of this, and more often than they should. When we read on the box about the adjustments, we found we could correct some of this with these shoes.

Adjustment disc in Wolverine Shoes

 Ok, we gave them to him early. We just couldn’t wait. He really needed them, and I wanted to make sure they fit! He really likes them too. He says they feel good on his feet, and I am hoping the adjustments keep us from having to buy him another pair of shoes too soon.

Thank you, iGoBOGO! This is one of the best things I’ve won, in all my winnings so far.

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