Blog Dare: Jan. 30 ~ What I Want For My Birthday

This is another one of those posts I would not write if it were not for this Blog Dare. I would consider whatever material things I want for my birthday to be a triviality that isn’t even worthy of writing about. Then I thought about the things I want in life, not the material junk that is cluttering my home.

For my birthday this year, I would like the aerial hunting of wolves to come to a complete halt. I would love for everyone to understand what majestic creatures wolves are. I want people to know that they do not hunt down people, and rarely attack farm animals, except when forced to do so through starvation. They will run from a human before they ever even consider a confrontation. They need a safe place. They are a vital part of the ecology.

For my birthday this year, I would like to see the endangered species list dwindle, considerably. I would also love to see more species discovered. I would love to see less concrete, and more trees. Less pollution, and more clear blue skies, and sunshine in the place of the grey, fuzzy haze most people see in their cities.

I know, that’s a lot to ask. It’s one of those ‘crazy wants’ that will never happen…well, not in my lifetime. But no one asked me to make my desire something that would actually happen, something that someone could actually make come true. These things are what I want. More?

I want my children to get along with each other. Not just my two that are still at home (although that in itself would be a major miracle, and make my life sublime!), but all of my children. Even the grown ones. I want them to get along and all come to my house to visit, and sit for one family portrait. Now THAT would be a miracle.

I guess I am a dreamer. I’ve always been told I want too much. So if you are looking for something viable, something material, that I want for my birthday, I guess I’d like to go to Moody Gardens in Galveston. I want a nice dinner in the restaurant there, and I want to visit the Rainforest and Aquarium pyramids there. I would love to escape my world and hide in another, if even for just a short time.

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