BlogDare Feb.22 ~ That Is When My Plans Changed

In 2003 I was on the verge of an empty nest. The oldest three of my four children were already moved out and on their own. My youngest daughter was moving out soon and I would have my four bedroom house to myself.

I had always threatened that once all the kids were out and on their own, I would sell my house and buy an RV so I could travel the United States. It was what I had always wanted to do. The kids would laugh at me when I talked about it. “What will you do for money? You know you have to put gas in an RV to get from one place to another!” They thought it absurd that I would actually entertain the idea of setting up in an RV park and wait tables in a diner until I had enough money to move on down the road. I did entertain that thought though, until I got involved with the two little boys across the street. That was when my plans changed.
Many weekend mornings I would awaken to the sound of children in my yard. I had a garden, flower beds, and lots of little statues and yard toys that seemed to beckon children from the far reaches of our neighborhood. The two little boys across the street seemed to think I put all those trinkets out just for them, and I would find them in my yard on a regular basis.
One morning they were in my yard super early. It was still chilly outside, and the youngest one was wearing nothing but a diaper, the oldest still in his pajamas. I grabbed a blanket and walked them back to their house. Their mother seemed kind of out of it, and didn’t even realize they were missing. At the time I thought it irresponsible, that she didn’t realize her 5 and 2 yr old were outside, but what bothered me most was that it didn’t seem to bother her in the least.
It wasn’t long before I found out she was on drugs, and would often disappear. Her boyfriend and I became friends, and I started watching the boys during one of her absences. It wasn’t long before he kicked her out. Since I watched the boys daily, it wasn’t long before the four of us were having dinner every night together. Soon we were spending just about all our time together. One thing led to another and for the past nine years I have been raising those boys. Funny thing about plans….


  1. I love it!!

  2. How wonderful you were there for those boys–and still are! It was meant to be. You can always RV when they’re grown.

  3. How blessed those little boys were to have you living across the street! I cannot immagine my children wandering around by themsleves. I would have been beside myself. You are amazing! I love seeing how plans can change into an unexpected life 🙂

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