BlogDare Feb.28 ~ My Life’s Agenda

Keep It Simple, Stupid

First I need to tell you that I always try the K.I.S.S. approach to everything. (You know – Keep It Simple, Stupid!)
So, if this seems short and sweet to you, that should explain why.

I was raised in the Church of Christ, and my father was always leading the singing, leading prayer, teaching classes or substituting for the preacher if he had to be out. I still remember the when he invited Mormons into our home to discuss religion. Two of them ended up as members of our church.

My father’s front study of the house where I grew up, was full of books on theology, maps of places in the Bible, and even books on the languages of the periods and countries of the Bible. My mother was always busy with my brother and I, as well as foster children, or I’m sure she would have taught classes too. My parents took in foster children for years, and we never knew from one day to the next what new child would cross our homes threshold. We made room for little babies, as well as teenagers.

I am sure it has a lot to do with my upbringing, but I try very hard (although, I am human, and slip a lot) to follow the agenda that God laid out for us. You know, the plan He told us all about in the Bible? He gave us all instructions in that book. We are supposed to follow them so we can claim a mansion in Heaven. I want one of those mansions, on a beautiful gold paved street. I just want one a little farther out in the country. Working toward that is my life’s agenda.


  1. That’s an awesome agenda. I completely agree with you. I totally want one of those mansions too. I really enjoyed reading your post today. Gave me more to think about. Visiting from Bloggy Mom’s.

  2. great post!! I am here from The blog dare!

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