BlogDare March 4 ~ My Goals This Spring Are …

Goals for Spring…

  • Get the garden tilled under, and planted for Spring veggie crop. We always plant tomatoes, bell and jalapeno peppers, and cucumbers. Usually we plant one or two kinds of squash (crook-necked/straight-necked/zucchini) as well. I am hoping to get watermelon this year too. 
  • ‘Spring Cleaning’Done – Kitchen cabinets cleaned out and contents rearranged, storage cleaned out, shed cleaned out, barn cleaned out, closets cleaned out.
  • Garage Sale to get rid of everything cleaned out from ‘Spring Cleaning’. 
  • Headliner in car adhered back to roof. Seats steam cleaned, and carpets cleaned.
  • Things ready for Conroe Bird Fair. We try to get there every year. People bring their birds to sell. We will have plenty of quail for this year. We are going to sell them live, and frozen, since we have had a really good year with them this year. I will be pickling and canning quail eggs to sell too, soon because we have so many!
Is that enough? LOL! This list will keep my family very busy. I’m sure just about everyone does some kind of ‘Spring Cleaning’. We have a barn, storage building and shed to clean out as well. Mostly it’s just rearranging to be done in them, and throwing out the garbage, but this year we have to fix the back side of the barn. Ike tore part of the back side off, and we just patched it back together. Last year we redid the front half, but we didn’t ever get to the back. This year, the back half will be a priority. 
I love the Spring though! The trees in the back pasture all bud out, the grass starts to grow and the trees are full of songbirds. I’ll get to walk through that gorgeous scene as soon as I finish this list….


  1. Good luck with your spring goals. I have one in common with you and that is major spring cleaning!I just have to muster the energy! lol

  2. I’m assuming that when you say you’re selling the birds live, and frozen, you’re talking about two different birds, right?! 🙂

    Anyway I hope you accomplish everything on your list- I’m sure you will!

  3. My goal for spring is to sell my house! I have a list a mile long for projects that need to be completed… most of which are cleaning projects to sell the house! I LOVE SPRING! Good luck with your goals.

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