BlogDare March 5 ~ Road Trip? Don’t Forget These!

So, how many of you love a good road trip? Our family adores them! Sometimes on the weekends we’ll just get in the truck or Jeep and drive. Of course, it happens less and less as the gas prices soar. We still have to get away occasionally though, and so we do! We have a State and a National Forest close, and visit them often, as well as the beach, since it is only a couple of hours away. I keep a tote in my Jeep all the time that holds most of our ‘road trip’ items. That way it is always ready. So, what’s in my tote? Here’s the list…

  • Roll of toilet paper – in case you are out where there are no restrooms. (Occasionally we have come across a restroom that is out of t.p. also!)
  • Roll of paper towels – always handy!
  • Travel games for the kids – I picked a few different travel games (bingo and tic,tac,toe) up for the kids at the local ‘dollar store’. They are magnetized so they can be used over and over again. These even come in handy if we are waiting around at the doctor’s office. 
  • Cookies and Crackers – Ok, these get rotated out a lot. I like having them in the tote though, just in case we need them. You always hear about those people who wreck and have to live off rainwater and bugs. I can’t eat bugs.
  • A can or two of sardines, and Vienna sausages – Hubby and the boys like Vienna sausages, and I will eat sardines. 
  • A First Aid Kit – I believe every car should have this anyway. You never know when you will need it. 
  • Jumper Cables – Another item that should be standard issue in every vehicle. 
  • Goop or Fix-A-Flat – Again. This should be in every car, and you should know how to use it. It’s easy, and it could keep you from being stranded.
  • A Blanket or Two – Great for picnics, or to cover a nasty picnic table at a park. Also good for watching stars and chilly nights!
  • I know this list is probably not everything you will need. It is the basics. These are the things that stay in my tote, in my Jeep all the time. The tote takes up very little room on one side of my rear area in the Jeep. They make me feel safe.

    There are a lot of other things we take on a road trip too. Since we usually drive all day, we pack an ice chest with soda, juice and water. No, I do not buy bottled water. We have an empty, clean milk carton we keep full of water in our fridge. It goes with us. We also include a big block of cheddar cheese, and a roll of summer sausage in the ice chest. It’s great on the crackers (in the tote!), and makes a good lunch, along with the sardines and Vienna sausages. LOL. I always make sure the kids have a change of clothes too, just in case. You never know what could happen and where we will end up on a weekend road trip, so it’s best to be prepared!

    If we are going to the beach we also pack the fishing poles, tackle boxes and an extra ice chest for bait, and later, the catch of the day! Beach trips also call for the little portable BBQ grill to be loaded up. I keep a small bag of charcoal in it so it’s always ready for the next trip. Oh, and hats, and sun block!

    Wow. It seems like a lot for a road trip doesn’t it?! Well, you should always make a list and check it before you leave, to make sure you have everything.

    What are some other things your family takes on a road trip??


    1. I love your tote idea! Summer sausage and cheese on crackers is a very good lunch, indeed!

      Stopping in from Blog Dare!

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