And…Summer Break Begins

Thursday at noon, the boys are officially on Summer Break. There will be no peace in our house for the next three months.

If I had the money, I would take them on some kind of a summer trip. Someplace they would really enjoy, like Florida and DisneyWorld, or Universal Studios in California.

  Heck, if I had the money I’d take them to the Bahamas where we could sit on the beach and just relax. I know that’s kind of crazy. Especially since we have Galveston beaches so very close.

The boys at the beach…five years ago, lol!

 The thing is, no matter where you choose to vacation, when you have a family, there are so many things you have to consider. If we took a big vacation, my boys would need some new clothes, because I don’t want people to see them in the ratty jeans they would wear for just hanging around the farm. I’d have to get a full prescription of their meds too. They would need them to be able to sit still on a plane without aggravating every passenger flying. Taking a trip in the car means several stops, just to let them run around and stretch so they wont drive ME crazy on the ride! Then there is food when you get there. My boys are not picky, but I really wouldn’t want them eating restaurant food every day. We’d have to have a room with a kitchenette so I could cook a few meals here and there. Of course, you can’t go on vacation and not get souvenirs! The boys would want to bring back half the park! Whew! Yeah, it sounds like more work to go on vacation than it does to stay at home. Not to mention the money. I just don’t think there is any such thing as cheap holidays!

We’ll stay home this summer. We’ll go to the zoo. We’ll try to go to one or two of the museums. We’ll hit the parks, and maybe let them do some ‘camping’ out in the back pasture. Seems to be the sanest (and cheapest) way to do it this year. Hey, maybe we’ll go spend a weekend at the beach.


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