My Mailbox Does Not Say "SHELTER"

Apparently, someone has put up advertising somewhere that my house is THE PLACE to dump unwanted animals. I really do not appreciate it, as it is extremely hard on my heart and on my childrens emotional well-being. 
Today, some heartless person dumped these four kittens, in a box, by my mailbox. If my boys had not been going out to check the mail, and found them, they probably would not be alive now. I have no idea what time they were dumped exactly, but the high today was 95 degrees. Too long in that box, in the sun, at that temperature would have killed them. Ahhh, but the lid to the box was not closed tightly, you say! Right! It wasn’t. One of the kittens was out of the box running around in the shade, probably looking for something to drink.  
In January, I lost one of my dearest fur friends, Hector. He was also a stray that just turned up here on the farm. He was crossing the road that runs by my mailbox when someone ran him over. They left him in the road. My husband found him when he was leaving for work, and moved him off the road, so I wouldn’t come out and find him. When he got home, he broke the news to me, and then went and buried Hector. 
My point is, the kitten could very well have met the same demise that took my wonderful Hector. All of these kittens could have, had they all gotten out of the box. If not a car, then one of the several dogs that run loose in our neighborhood could have gotten ahold of them. I don’t even want to imagine what my boys would have found by the mailbox if that had happened. 
Yes, I said, ‘several dogs that run loose‘. My husband has taken two of our neighbors dogs back to them (one three times) and telling them if their dog is found in our yard again, it could very well be shot. He doesn’t play around when it comes to our ducks, geese and chickens. If a dog kills one, my husband believes in an eye for an eye, a dog for a duck. There are leash laws. If you want the responsibility of owning an animal you have to take the responsibility of keeping up with it.
Cosmo A179433 
I have several animals, and I take the responsibility of taking care of them seriously. We may not take them to a vet for their shots, but they all have their shots. We purchase them at the same place we purchase feed, and Hubby is very adept at giving them. My rat terrier bit a vet when I took her in for shots. She’s never bitten my husband. She’s also never been sick. Neither has my pomeranian. Our animals stay in our yard. We have big hurricane fencing dog runs for them. If Hunter (my pom) is outside, he is in his run. My boys adopted puppies a short time ago. If they are outside, they are in a run, or with my boys. I think MaggieMae (my rat terrier) is the only dog we have that is allowed outside with out a human. This is because she stays in the yard. In OUR yard.
People. You have to be responsible for your animals. If you get a dog it has to have food and water – every day. It has to go outside – every day – at least once a day. Dogs need to be loved and trained. They need to be petted and washed. They need a leash. 

Cats need a clean cat box (if they are inside cats). They need a lap to curl up in, food and water – every day. I won’t tell you they need to be inside only. I know a wonderful vet who would tell you if you really love your cat you will keep it inside. Six of my cats are ‘barn cats’. They are only here to keep rats out of the barn. Another little secret I’ll spill is that they also keep the snakes at bay to a degree. God put them outside. I don’t think it hurts for them to be outside. I will admit my cats do not stay in my yard. This is why I lost Hector. Cats do what they want to do. If you are going to leave them outside, be prepared for the day they do not come home. This is why Bella stays inside. She is my inside cat. She is too afraid of the front door to ever step outside it. 
Today my heart was broken. My boys brought four hot, dehydrated kittens that they found by our mailbox up onto our porch. We can barely feed the animals we own. All I could think of were all the bad things that could have happened to these poor creatures before the boys found them. And of course…the idiot that left them by my mailbox. What kind of person is this? Did they think they were doing these kittens a favor? 
This person, whoever they were, was a selfish, heartless shell of a human. They had no consideration – other than to ease their own mind about not keeping kittens one of their cats most likely birthed. There are several shelters near us. They could have called and had the kittens picked up – could’ve said they were strays, left by some cat on their porch. It would have been more humane to drown these kittens or shoot them than to leave them on the side of a very busy country road that no one even knows the speed limit of, much less adheres to.
Athena A189748
Yes. I am mad. I am more than mad. I am livid. No, I was livid. To the point of taking it out on my wonderful family who listened to me scream and rant and then watched as I broke down in tears. Thank goodness they know me. They know why I was/am so upset. They know that if I could take every cat under my care I would. But I can’t. 
Tomorrow I will take these kittens to the shelter where I volunteer. There is a very good possibility they will be euthanized or given to a lab. The shelter is packed, to the gills, and our foster homes are brimming. There is no room. 
People. Spay and neuter your animals. It does not ‘ruin’ them. They do not-DO NOT-need to have ‘just one litter’! They need a responsible human being to take care of them and love them, feed them, and play with them. Make sure you can be responsible for an animal before you decide to take them in. Have them chipped, and spayed or neutered. If you think you want more than one animal, adopt another one from a shelter. Do NOT have a litter of seven, eight, or twelve just so you can choose one to keep and send the rest to a shelter. 
Please don’t break someone’s heart. Please. Don’t break my heart.
All pictures courtesy of the Montgomery County Animal Shelter
These animals are up for adoption.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this very important message Kay. It is so sad that people treat animals this way. I would never imagine treating any kind of animal in this manner.

    As I told you previously, my sister’s cat was found in a box that was left outside of her friend’s house. All of the kittens in the box were dead, except for that one, which was barely hanging on and covered in fleas. She took her to the vet and they estimated that she was approximately 3 weeks old. What kind of a person leaves helpless 3 week old kittens in a box outside of someone’s house???

    My sister had to bottle feed the kitten and nurse her back to health. She is a few years old now, and is doing well, but she has always been very stunted in her growth, and skiddish around people. Poor thing. 🙁

    Any kind of animal abuse just breaks my heart, and it should not be tolerated at all. If you cannot take care of your animal properly, and give them the love and compassion they deserve, then you shouldn’t have any animals!

    My two cats are like babies to me. They stay indoors at all times, they always have fresh, clean water, plenty of food and a clean litter box. They also get treats every night when I get home from work. In return, they give me love and cuddles, and lots and lots of joy.

  2. My fur babies stay inside and are spayed/neutered, but I can see people having barn cats in more rural areas. My Harley was born to a Barn cat, but the family had enough cats and found good homes for them.

    Jewel, her sister and about 10 kittens were found on the side of the road in a box luckily by someone who works with a rescue group. They were able to keep the two adult cats and all the kittens together in the same foster home until the kittens were old enough to be adopted out. We took in Jewel who turned out to be our diamond in the rough. It was a bad first year – she didn’t trust us and we didn’t trust her even though we tried. He scratched my face REALLY bad one time. We were patient and now she is pretty much permanently attached to my lap. She loves attention and will strive to get it from anyone (even the creepy cable guy).

    Oliver we found this past December as a kitten. He was running around the parking lot of our townhouse. It was bitter cold and we had a lot of snow. He wouldn’t come inside but he would come sniff us. We figured he was a neighbors outdoor kitty. The weather kept getting colder (below zero with the windchill. We would watch him chase birds and squirrels but he never seemed to go “home”. Cars were always driving around him, and we feared he would get hit. We started asking around town about him and checking “missing cat” adds online. Everyone mistakenly assumed he was “our” outdoor kitty. New Years Day we couldn’t take it anymore he had been outside meowing all night under our truck but would run away if we went outside. My fiance finally went out and was able to scoop him up and bring him in. He had a nasty gash on his behind. He came in and ate, drank and used the litter box like he had lived here his whole life. He curled up in our laps and our hearts. he licked us all over. We took him to the vet to get dewormed, his gash checked out and checked for diseases. Turns out he was already neutered. Our vet called around to other vets to see if anyone reported a cat missing. We tried to find an owner online. We already had 2 cats and weren’t ready for a third. Eventually the vet told us he was ours – nobody seemed to be looking for him, and besides it was so bitter cold and he was hurt – if he had an owner, they would have taken him inside.

    We think he must have been part of a trap/neuter/ release program but *most* places in the area mark the cats ear when it is done. Either way little Oliver is here to stay. He acts like he owns this joint anyway : )

  3. I know your pain, although we haven’t had them dumped in our yard. I do visit the shelters regularly. It’s amazing at the way people will/can discard a pet the way they do.

  4. What poor kittens! I’m always checking boxes I see by the side of the road for evidence of ‘throw-aways’ – so sad!

  5. Drown them? Shoot them? That is certainly not humane in any way! Of course, neither is the so called shelter that sells animals to labs.

    I’ve been in rescue for several years, and honestly, I wish that I wouldn’t have read this post. Sorry!

    I do, however, understand how YOU feel, as well as your concern for the animals.

  6. I guess I was lucky then that the transient lady that came to my door only handed me one kitten that I did not need,
    could not afford and don’t know how I am going to get her spayed with my budget…..I volunteered at the shelter here
    in town and that is the ONLY reason this now 4 mo old kitten is still at my house
    and it still hurts financially to even buy food and litter….let alone the flea meds
    or the vet if she ever needs it. SPAY AND NEUTER PLEASE!
    Don’t dump your problems on someone else. I did not appreciate it either.
    The shelters are nasty and overcrowded with dumb an uncaring aco’s (at my town)
    I will not take anymore pets ..don’t bother knocking…my rant is over,,just to let you know, you are not alone with a problem like this.
    Even so I am glad some people have hearts but if they want to dump animals like that
    at least they could dump some money to buy food for them too.

  7. Michelle,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog post My Mailbox Does Not Say “SHELTER”. I do understand your stance. I want you to understand that when I said “It would have been more humane to drown these kittens or shoot them than to leave them on the side of a very busy country road that no one even knows the speed limit of, much less adheres to.” I would not have shot or drown these kittens, and I would not encourage anyone else to. However, I do not think it any where near humane to turn a small defenseless animal loose next to a busy country road where they will have to try to fend for themselves. To have ended their lives would have been more humane. While I do understand your feelings about euthanizing an animal, sometimes it is the only last resort. I do not know of any state or city that has only ‘no kill’ shelters. The animals are too numerous. I do wish people were smart enough to have their animals spayed and neutered. I do wish people would keep an animal when they choose it, and find a way to feed it even when they have lost their jobs…whatever they need to do without abandoning their animals on country roads. I, however am somewhat of a realist, and know that, unfortunately, the sheer number of abandoned animals necessitates euthanasia. I know. It is a cold cruel world. Unfortunately, it is one of our own making. We have to lay in the bed we made. I preach and practice ‘Spay/Neuter’. I am hoping, through my blog, I can inspire my readers to do the same. We have to light up our own corner.

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