LEGO KidsFest – Parent Review

LEGO KidsFest – Parent Review

I received four tickets to facilitate this review of LEGO KidsFest.

**Warning** – This article is PIC HEAVY!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had at the Lego KidsFest, but I am going to try to tell and show you through this parents review! One of the first things I noticed was the sign outside that proclaimed that all the shows were SOLD OUT!! I was so happy we already had our tickets! There was so much to see and do! First we skirted around the outside edge, just looking at all the displays of scenes made from LEGO bricks. My grandson Kaiden would have thought he’d died and gone to Heaven with all the Harry Potter displays!! These displays held so much detail! They were just amazing!

What kind of parent review would it be if you didn't know tickets at LEGO KidsFest were SOLD OUT

The boys participated in a few of the challenges, and got LEGO toys for doing so. There were two places where you could purchase LEGO kits and accessories. There were shirts, and dolls, and LEGO kits. Hubby purchased three kits at 50% off and the boys were so excited! There was a section where the boys made their own cars and raced them down a ramp. They took their time building their cars because they wanted them to be perfect! They knew I was taking pictures for the parent review.

There were activities galore - more than I could mention in this parent review

Another great section was the Creation Nation section. The boys each got a green square to build on and they made their own ‘creation’.

Read about LEGO Creation Nation in this parent review

When they were finished they passed them off to a staff person who placed their creations on the Creation Nation Map, which is just a huge map of the United States taped off on the floor. One of the amazing things about this map is, when we first arrived, there really wasn’t much on it. When we left it was very full!

This is Creation Nation that I talk about in the parent review

There were lots of wonderful statues to see, and interact with! Of course the boys had to have pictures with every single one!!

My parent review includes pics of my boys with the LEGO statues all over the KidsFest!

This was a four hour session, and by the time we were finished walking around, seeing and participating in everything, I was worn out! The boys had a fantastic time and even got to see Master Model Builder Stephen Gerling, and I got their picture with him!

Master Model Builder Stephen Gerling graciously posed with the boys for my parent review

We had the best time, and now one of my adult sons wants me to take him next year! LOL! He’s 32!! I am pretty sure we will be making the trip next year too.

Do you have children that like LEGO blocks? What do they like to build with them?


  1. Wow! This looks liked it was a ton of fun! My little guys would go bananas over this. We will have to look into going. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks like SO much fun! We went to LegoLand last month & had so much fun looking at the displays- I can’t get over how real some of the displays look & how intricate they are!

  3. I took my boys to this last year in Minneapolis and they were in heaven! It was an amazing place to visit. I was bummed they weren’t able to do anything with the Master Builders. My oldest would’ve loved that! Looks like you had an amazing day!

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