Let it SHINE with Beam-N-Read! Holiday Gift Guide Review/ Giveaway


Beam N Read Light
Do you like to read in bed at night, but don’t want to keep your spouse or significant other awake? You are gonna love this! This is the Beam-N-Read Light. It has two filters (one red, one yellow) that help calm the glare of the light. You can still read, and not bother anyone else with your light!
The Beam-N-Read light is also great for other things. I use mine when I crochet. At 51 my eyes are not all they used to be, and sometimes, with darker yarns, it’s hard to see the stitches. Beam-N-Read makes that easier. I like to have it on hand if I have to go out to the barn at night too. It keeps me from stepping on snakes!
If you know someone who does fine handwork, you know, working on small, intricate things…this light would be a great help to them too.
There are several different lights you can get. The Beam-N-Read LED 3 Hands Free Light has 3 bright LED lights and comes with 4 long lasting alkaline batteries and a red clip on filter. The Beam-N-Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light has 6 LED lights and is extra wide. It comes with a red filter also, but you get an added orange filter and a clip-on acrylic Fresnel magnifier (for those times when glasses or contacts just aren’t enough, lol). If you require different levels of magnification you should opt for the Beam-N-Read LED 103M Hands Free Craft Light. It comes with 3 bright LED’s and 3 clip-on acrylic Fresnel magnifiers (2x, 4x, 6x).
Just think of all the possibilities for this light! It’s perfect for camping, drawing, when the power goes out! Hey, it even good to use when checking on your children at night, to make sure they are asleep. With the filters, you can check them withou waking them up – if they are asleep!
Beam-N-Read lights are a personal, portable light, that give you a bright light to do whatever you need, without disturbing others. They are perfect for use with eReaders and have a long battery life. Because the bulbs are LED, you don’t get any heat, associated with other lights.
You can purchase the Beam-N-Read on their Website, or on Amazon.com.
OR…you can win one Beam-N-Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light right here! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below!
I was given  Beam-N-Read Lights to facilitate this review. I have not been monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions are my own, and my families. 


  1. I would give it to my husband to use at night for reading

  2. Reading in bed at night!

  3. My wife reads in bed at night all the time, it helps her fall asleep. Lucky for me the lamp light doesn’t bother me but I know that this would be nice for my mom because of her decreasing visual accuity!

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