Be A Part of the Hobbit Inspired Tolkien Party (VIP Ticket Giveaway!)

Greeting Hobbit Fans!!
We are counting down the hours to the movie premiere and our VIP pre-show party. We have wonderful food items we plan to serve but faced restrictions in place at the Cinemark 19 which prevented us from bringing in our own food and drink.

Therefore we have moved the event to the beautiful Yorktown 15 in Houston. We hope this change in event location is not an inconvenience for you, as it’s more centrally located to Houston.

If you have purchased a ticket and now are unable to join the party because of the venue change, please email us and we are happy to provide a full-refund of your ticket.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday, Dec. 13 at the Rave Yorktown 15 at 10 PM.

I have been waiting for this since The Lord of the Rings Trilogy came out. Seems every few years this movie is redone, and marketed. That is perfectly fine with me because every time it’s done, it’s done bigger and better than the last time! 
I first became acquainted with Tolkien in high school. A geek friend of mine was reading it, and told me how wonderful it was. Now, I probably never would have gotten the book, but he told me he was almost finished with it, and would loan it to me when he finally read the last page. That started me on the quest with Bilbo Baggins. That first venture into the shire had me completely hooked. I had become a fantasy junkie.
Now the beginning of the tale of the Lord of the Rings will be told, throught he movie  The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey. This is the story of Frodo’s Uncle …Bilbo Baggins. The best part is PES Katy, Entertainment Nation is throwing a Hobbit-Inspired Tolkien Fan Party!! Tolkien fans will enjoy free food and drink, and valuable Tolkien door prizes!! You should come dressed in Hobbit-Inspired attire to join the festivities (please remember that because of past events masks and toy weapons are NOT allowed in theaters! Leave your Blades, Swords and Axes at home! THIS is a MERRY event!!). 
You could buy your tickets, OR you win a pair of VIP tickets right here!!
  • Winner receives two VIP tickets to the pre-show party AND 3D MOVIE TICKETS at the Cinemark19 in Katy, Tx. Festivities start at 10pm. 
  • VIP tickets include the movie premier at midnight, free non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, door prizes and more!!

There will be no standing in line because you reserve a seat and just show up to eat, drink, play trivia games and win door prizes with like minded folk! There are two types of tickets, regular and VIP. Go HERE to order your tickets or scroll down to win a pair of VIP tickets!! 

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