Christmas Eve Excitement – Please Don’t Drink and Drive

Christmas Eve is always an exciting day for us. All the kids and grandkids come over so we can have our Family Christmas. There’s food, and fun, and presents, and candy…lots of excitement. Probably more than enough excitement for Nana. The holidays usually bring another kind of excitement too though. Wrecks on our corner.

Pick a holiday – any holiday – and you are sure to see a spike in auto accidents. People get out and get to partying and then decide to drive home. It’s never a good idea to get in your car and try to drive after you have been drinking.

Our land is on a corner, a 90 degree corner. We usually can count on at least 3 wrecks on the corner each year, and most of them are on a holiday. We’ve had 3 this year, and two were on holidays. Christmas eve was the latest.

Christmas Eve 2012 Wreck Collage

That cedar post UNDER the truck…it’s over a foot across. He pushed it right up out of the ground. I am thankful he did not break my cedar post. It came from a tree that fell in our yard,in the old neighborhood, during Hurricane Ike.

After pushing that post over, he hit the electric pole. It’s damaged, but I haven’t heard yet if its damaged badly enough for them to replace it. He did miss the street sign. Between the cedar post and the electric pole, he managed to push the fan and radiator all the way into the motor, and the motor almost into the front seat. He never touched the brakes. There were no skid marks on the road, or in the gravel on the corner. Yes, he had been drinking.

This driver walked away from this wreck. The last wreck on this corner the driver broke his foot, and had to have surgery to be able to walk again. We’ve had the fence taken out, posts broken off, posts pushed over, and trees sheared off at the ground. There have been five wrecks in just under 3 years that we have lived here. Thank God, no fatalities yet. Yet. .

Please drive safely. Don’t speed, especially in neighborhoods you don’t know, especially out in the country. You never know when there will be a curve, or a corner that you don’t expect. And for your life’s sake – don’t climb behind the wheel of a vehicle if you have been drinking alcohol.


  1. Oh wow, how scary! I’m glad everyone was ok, that looks like a bad accident! I hope that people remember to stay safe and get a designated driver or taxi. I know I’ll be staying home with my wine tonight!

  2. Oh my goodness – so scary!! I will never understand why people drink and drive…. not only do they obviously not care about their own safety, but also for everyone else on the road. Pure selfishness. 🙁

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