Crochet Pattern Hunting… (and a Giveaway!)

Crochet Scarf

Sophisticated Scarf from Red Heart

I am diligently hunting another crochet pattern. I am thinking that, after all the scarves (no, I am not completely finished with scarves, but almost!) I would really love to start another pattern. The scarf above is the Sophisticated Scarf from Red Heart. It’s a free pattern on their website.  Today, on my personal Facebook page, my DIL asked me about a pattern that she obviously wants me to work up for her. It is an easy project though, and won’t take much time to work. I’m really in the mood for something longterm; an afghan perhaps.

This is the last afghan I worked up…

Sampler afghan in purples, blues and greens

Right, if you notice the date in the bottom right corner, this was finished two years ago. Ok, I’ve worked a couple of baby blankets since then. I’m also working on a very simple one color blanket for my other DIL right now…

Bernat Baby Boucle Blanket for DIL Desiree

My Daughter-In-Law requested this afghan after I crocheted one for my great-grandson. She said she loves it because it’s so soft and squishy. This is the perfect afghan for her because it’s nice and toasty warm. It’s not fancy, but it is very soft and squishy… and very warm. I know it will be warm because just crocheting it, I find it gets warm on my lap. The weather has been pretty warm (hey, I know it’s Winter, but I live in Southern Texas!!) so it’s especially warm crocheting a big blanket or afghan. I like doing them in Winter because it’s certainly cooler than Summer, but I have been known to work on them year ’round!

So, now I’m in search of something to keep me busy – long term – and I want you (my dear readers!) to help me do this!! You can email me the link to a pattern, or post it in the comments below, or even post it on my Facebook page! C’mon! Join the fun! I’ll even find a special something to give away to the person whose pattern is chosen!


  1. lots of free patterns and ideas on

  2. This afghan with heart would be so cute for Valentine’s Day.

  3. I really like this star blanket. I saw a blogger that did it with black with other bright colors interspersed throughout (think rainbow colors). I’ll include the link to the black and color one & one to the pattern itself.

    My email: reignbough1973 at yahoo dot com

  4. I am also loving this heart crochet blanket.

    reignbough1973 at yahoo dot com

  5. I have done more complicated patterns than this one, but this Chevrom Blanket uses a simple single crochet and a V pattern. Very pretty.

    Here’s the blue, light blue & white one I like (and want to make):

    And here’s the tutorial that was used by the blogger who made the above blue,light blue & white blanket. The concept is the same except that instead of switching colors as often, she simply used one whole skein at a time for wider blocks of color:

    reignbough1973 at yahoo dot com

  6. These are all really nice reignbough1973! Thank you for your suggestions!

  7. Just wondering…do you have the pattern for the above scarf? If you do, would you mind sharing a link to it? Thanks!

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