Neater Feeder Saves You From The Mess

Do you have a problem with spilled water and food around your pet bowls?

I used to have a problem on the floor around where I feed my cat and dog. I had more of a problem with water than with food, because, it seems, no matter where I put the water bowl, someone had to kick it or bump it. I tend to be barefoot, more often than not, and inevitably, I am the one that would find the spilled water. It’s so nice to not worry about stepping in a puddle any more.

Maggie Mae got a Neater Feeder for Christmas, so now I don’t have to worry about food OR water on the floor! Now I’m sure you are wondering how that can be. Here’s how it happens…
First, you put down the base…
Neater Feeder Base

 Then you put on the top part. This part holds the bowls…

Neater Feeder with top part

 Then put the bowls in… It’s so easy, and looks great too….

Neater Feeder all set up
See those little holes in front of the bowls? If any liquid happens to spill, it goes down into those holes, to the base!! No more water puddles on the floor! The plastic is so easy to clean up too. I just put it in the tub, rinse it off really good, and towel dry. 
Maggie has the medium size Neater Feeder. The bowl height on the medium feeder is about 5 inches from the floor. 
Maggie eating from her Neater Feeder
It does come with another set of feet to bring the bowl height up to about 7.5 inches if your dog is a little taller. I left those off for Maggie because Mia Bella sometimes (almost always) comes and snacks off what little food Maggie may happen to leave behind, and she drinks the water too. I like having more than one water bowl option for Mia because it keeps her from drinking out of the toilet if it is left open.
Neater Feeder bowl height
 Now the real question is, how does my MaggieMae like her Neater Feeder?? The beautiful smile on her face says it all…
How would you like to have a Neater Feeder for your dog? Well, the wonderful people at Neater Feeder have been kind enough to offer one as a giveaway, so go enter on the Rafflecopter for your chance!
I was sent a Medium Neater Feeder to facilitate this review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post. All opinions are my own (and MaggieMae’s!). 


  1. Love the smile. We don’t have any dogs any more but I can see the value in this product.

  2. Love his happy face! I would choose the Med needer feeder in brown for my grand-dog!…Erinn A

  3. We have a Neater Feeder! It definitely helps keep things a bit cleaner. Less water everywhere for us!

  4. That must be a universal problem to pet owners, huh? Great solution!

  5. I would love to get the medium feeder in the red color for my step-daughter’s doggy! What a great giveaway!

  6. I would love a large and cat sized feeders

  7. Shelley P says:

    MaggieMae is adorable!!

    I’d love the Medium Neater Feeder in Bronze for my dogs.

  8. This are so cool, I have a Black lab that just loves to push his food around and I have to clean up each day what he pushed out his bowl.. I would love the Large size in the Cranberry color
    Thank You

  9. Medium in brown for our doggie Lila! Thanks!!
    alesha yates jacobsen

  10. I would get the cat in red (he is the messy one in our house!).

  11. LARGE with legs might fit our 120+ lb Newfoundland…

  12. oh that smile is precious! I would love the cat feeder in red!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  13. I would get the brown medium sized neater feeder for my 2 pugs!

  14. I’d get the large in cranberry…I think! LOL We also have a cat so I’ll have to decide which one gets it if I win!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  15. Id get the large brown

  16. we would need the large in cranberry thanks for the chance

  17. I would love the Large Dog Neater Feeder
    with Leg Extensions in cranberry

  18. I would get the Small Neater Feeder
    with Leg Extensions in brown

  19. wow i love to get this the dog woudl be red and small

  20. I’d like a large one for my son’s dog. She makes a mess whenever she drinks. The color doesn’t really matter. I’d let him choose. Both the red and brown would match his apartment. Maybe the red one.

  21. I would get the cat feeder

  22. I would get small in red/cranberry.

  23. I would get the Medium Neat Feeder in Cranberry.


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