Friday On The Farm ~ First Babies of 2013

Friday On The Farm ~ First Babies of 2013

First 2013 Babies

Friday On The Farm - Six New Quail Chicks

It’s Friday On The Farm again!  We had six new quail chicks born 2/27/2013, hatched in our incubator. They are the first babies hatched in the incubator this year! These are Texas A&M chicks, which means they will be pretty much all white. Since four of them have the brown dot on  their heads now, I’m pretty sure they’ll keep it, although, sometimes, they feather out all white. The other two will definitely feather out white. I just can’t ever get over how absolutely tiny they are when they hatch out!

Not much bigger than a Sonic peppermint! Friday On The Farm

And this is what they look like all grown up…

Texas A&M Quail - Friday On The Farm

They are a lot bigger! You can learn more about Coturnix Quail (where the A&M quail originated) on this past post. There are more pictures there too!!

We also had these babies hatch out in January. These didn’t come from the incubator, their Mama did all the work!

Swedish Blue Ducklings - Friday On The Farm

Quack! Quack! Happy Friday On The Farm!!


  1. OMGosh they are so so cute! I want to live with you on the farm. I love these posts haha. I can’t believe they are so tiny, next to that peppermint… that’s crazy!

  2. oh my goodness they are too cute!I love babies. Baby animals are just heart meltingly adorable.

  3. I can’t believe how TINY they are!! Tooooo precious! 🙂

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