Puppet Monsters Are Crazy Fun!

Puppet Monsters Are Crazy Fun!


Looks crazy, doesn’t he? Well, it gets worse when you let him out of the bag! That Puppet Monster makes everyone go just a little crazy! These puppets are so much fun, even I went a little crazy when he came out of the bag!


I knew immediately that the child that would love this the most would be my ChaCha! He has such an imagination, I really think he may be the artist of the batch! When my oldest daughter brought the grandkids out for Spring Break, I pulled the Monster Puppet out to see what ChaCha would think…


 Yeah, things got a little crazy!!!


 He loved it as much as I did!! This crazy boy ran around tapping everyone on the shoulder, shouting “I’M A MONSTER!” and waving those little orange hands… hahaha. Love that child!

These wonderful toys let a child use his/her imagination and play at the same time. The ‘features’ of each Puppet Monster are removable and interchangeable. When you purchase Puppet Monsters you can also purchase extra feature kits to interchange with the ones that already come with them. There are interchangeable eyes, ears, horns, arms, noses, among other accessories. This makes them even more fun, and lets your children stretch their imaginations even more! Your child can choose from Silly Dragon, Dizzy Antlers, Big Beak, Twinkley Eyes, Jumbo Eyes, and Mr. Moustache, and you get one free accessory kit when you order (when you pay a seperate processing and handling fee)! You can find all the choices on the website – HERE.

You can see how much fun we had with them. Now go purchase your own Puppet Monster and let your house go just a little crazy too! OH! Shhhhh! Use the promo code PUPPET when you order and you’ll get $5 off your order!!


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