Weekend Crochet

Thursday afternoon, I hyper-extended my knee. That means, I bent it backwards, basically. Yes, OUCH. All caps, screaming, although I think I screamed a little more than just ‘ouch’. So, then Friday, since I was in pain, I took a pain killer, because it was excruciating. Then, when everyone came over to help us with the horse, I was on my feet (yes, weight on my knee) pretty much all evening. I couldn’t feel it, so I over-did it. When I woke up Saturday morning, I couldn’t walk at all, I could barely stand. I decided not to take any more pain-killers, and just stay off it for the day. Sunday morning I was good enough to go to church and the grocery. With all that sitting on Saturday, I got some crochet work done!

Large dishcloth with cluster border

A friend of mine called saying she needed dishcloths, so I worked on them all Saturday, and part of Sunday. Well, Ok, I had already started them. I crochet fast, but not that fast!

Basket Weave Dishcloth

I Facebooked her pictures so I know she loves them! I’ve got another half finished and plan to do one more when I’ve finished this one. They are so easy to make, and they work better for cleaning than store-bought ones! The ridges make them wonderful for scrubbing. The fact that they are re-usable and better for our Earth than paper towels, makes them my number one choice in my kitchen.

Textured Dishcloth

Would you like a set too? Just email me! I sell a set of 5 for $30 plus shipping. That’s really cheap for something you can use for years. They are made of cotton thread and clean up easily in the washer. I can crochet them in almost any color or pattern you would like!


  1. what a pretty color combo! 🙂

  2. Ruth Griffeth says:

    I love crocheting, it helps me wind down after a bad “flare up” day with my Fibro and Arthritis,. Or after I have been sewing most of the day. I push through alot of pain, because I still want to live.
    I love your idea will have to try it when I am done with afghan I am making.

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