NoizyBandz – Wrist Bands That Play Music!

NoizyBandz – Wrist Bands That Play Music!


 My grandson’s birthday is coming up very soon, and I think I have found something that will make him and his mom (my oldest daughter) very happy! Noizy Bandz!

Noizy Bandz aren’t just another rubber wrist band. They play music! There are several different Bandz to choose from, and each comes with it’s own different tune. The bright yellow Noizy Bandz plays “You Are My Sunshine”, and the blue one with the DJ plays some techno dance to make you move your feet. There is an orange one that plays “Happy Birthday” that would be a great gift for a child’s special day! I am going to get my grandson the white “ABC” band because he needs to learn his ABC’s before he starts school next year.


I love that the Noizy Bandz can be used as a fun wrist band for the kids, as well as a learning tool. They can help with your fundraiser too. There is a phone number on the website that will put you in touch with a representative that can help you.

I’m sure my grandson will love his Noizy Bandz. He loves music so much. I think I may even need to order one for myself. I love that yellow “You Are My Sunshine” Noizy Bandz. It’s one of my favorite songs, and just makes me smile when I hear it. It would be handy to have on a bad day, or a rainy day! Go check out Noizy Bandz for yourself. You may find one that will make your child’s day just a little brighter too!

Psst! there’s eve a ‘Fart’ band that your teenagers would get a real kick out of!

I can save you a little bit too! Just use the coupon here to save $1 off your own Noizy Bandz !



  1. Those are cute, I think my 3 yr old would like a couple of these. I like the “you are my sunshine” and the ABC band.

  2. These look pretty cool. My daughter would love the “you are my sunshine” one because I sing her that song all the time 🙂

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