A Rug Cleaner, Renters and Pets

The Rent House

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When we decided to move in together, Hubby and I chose to live in my home, and rent his out. We have found, over the years, that being a landlord is not an easy job, especially in a not-so-great neighborhood. Nevermind the problems with collecting rent on time, finding renters that will take care of your home the way you would, is almost impossible.

We have had several renters in our rent house over the years. Whenever we drive by the house, the first thing Hubby comments on is how bad the yard looks. We’ve really only ever had one renter that we were extremely happy with, and she moved after six months to be closer to her job.  It’s not like we expect the renters to take care of the house like they would take care of their own home. Ok, yes, it is. While they are living in the house, it is their home. They should treat it as such.

The one thing that gives us the most problem is the carpet. We’ve already changed the living room carpet twice. Our first renters had pets, and we learned from how they left the house, that we have to enforce the pet deposit. That deposit is what helped us purchase new carpet for the house, after the third renter. After the first two renters and their pets, steam cleaning with a rug cleaner was enough. Unfortunately, after the third renter, we decided enough was enough. We bought new carpet, and padding and Hubby installed it himself. Since that day, we’ve had to replace the carpet in all the bedrooms too. We tried to use a rug cleaner on those too, before replacing them, but they just looked too bad.

If you are going to be a landlord, the biggest thing you have to remember is your renters will never treat your house as good as you. They will never treat it as good as you want them to treat it. Make sure you get your deposits, up front. Don’t let them pay deposits out because you will never see the money. Oh, make sure you own a good rug cleaner.


  1. It’s really hard being a landlord specially with those rascals(sorry for the word) renting and they just disregard what you have been doing to maintain the class and cleanliness inside and out of the house.

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