Disney’s Shake It Up: I

Disney’s Shake It Up: I <3 Dance

New CD from the Crew at Disney’s Shake It Up

Disney's Shake It Up I <3 Dance

*I received the Disney Shake It Up: I <3 Dance CD for review purposes. All opinions are definitely my own!

CeCe, Rocky and the rest of the gang at Disney’s Shake It Up have come out with a new CD. I <3 Dance is full of music that makes you want to get up and dance. The CD is hip enough to be music just like you hear on the radio, but because its from Disney, you don’t have to worry about racy lyrics that children don’t really need to be a part of anyway.

Picture on Disney's Shake It Up: I <3 Dance CD liner.

Pretty much everyone is aware that I am a country girl. While I am not fond of rap music, it’s usually because of the lyrics, language, and topics associated with the songs. This CD has plenty of rap but it’s the kind of rap I don’t have a problem with. Disney has seen to it that any inappropriate lyrics have been changed. What’s crazy is, it does not change the value of the song at all! I have no problem with my grandchildren listening to this CD!

Disney's Shake It Up: I <3 Dance CD

I have to admit my favorite song on the CD is “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. Yes, it is a totally new remake of Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 hit! They’ve changed some of the lyrics for this song too (as some probably aren’t totally appropriate for little ears, even though my parents didn’t worry about me hearing them when I was 5!). The new lyrics totally update the song and make it more in sync with the preteens and teens today. What used to be “You’ve been messin’ where you shouldn’t have been messin'” has changed to “You’ve  been textin’ where you shouldn’t a been textin’ ”  and, “You’ve been playin’ where you shouldn’t a been playin’ ” was changed to, “You’ve been chattin’ where you shouln’t a been chattin’ ” !! The lyric changes are genius!

Would you like a little taste? Here is the video from the song ‘Contagious Love’…


This is a great CD for children, and even for adults. I’ve been listening to this CD for the past week, and I know I’m gonna miss it when I hand it over to the grandkids! I highly recommend it!



  1. We have the disney dance game and the shake it up song is on there. Both my boys love it and even my little 2 year old niece likes to “Shake it up!” too cute! I would love to hear the rest of their music.

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