Wordless Wednesday ~ Memory Park

Wordless Wednesday ~ Memory Park

Memory Park

My oldest son is in Summer School this year. Because it’s Summer school, and not regular school, the bus doesn’t pick him up and bring him home. We live in the country, pretty far from the school, and I was trying to find something to occupy myself and my youngest while waiting for him in the mornings, instead of (wasting gas!) driving the long distance back and forth twice a day. I decided we would go to the library there in Montgomery. It’s just down the street from the school, but when we got there we realized it doesn’t open until 9 am. Memory Park is right behind the library, so each morning we spend a few minutes in the park, then go into the library. These are a few pictures I took in the park.

Mitchell & Hibiscus in Memory Park

My youngest next to hibiscus in Memory Park

Hibiscus in Memory Park

These flowers are as big as my head!

Orange Flower at Memory Park

No idea what kind of flower this is.



Straight on Orange Flower - Memory Park


Close Up of Orange Flower in Memory Park

Even closer – side view

Can You See Me? Anole in Memory Park

Can you see me? Find the lizard!

Bench between willows in Memory Park

Love this bench under the weeping willows, looking out over the water.

This bench is my favorite. Unfortunately the crazy ants are horrible this year, and they were everywhere. They don’t bite but I certainly don’t like them crawling all willy-nilly over my feet! They give me the willies. Sometime this week, I’ll post more pictures of Memory Park, and Fernland. Fernland is a collection of old, historic log houses, set up in one place by Memory Park. Montgomery is such a historic little town. I’ll try to post more about it in the future!

What pictures did you get this week? I wanna see!! Link up on the linky below!



  1. What a lovely way to spend some time. Your flower photographs are beautiful. I love the lizard! I’ve never seen hibiscus flowers grow so large… Beautiful bench too.

    • Thank you Lisa! This park is so amazing. We love spending time there. What really amazes me is that we rarely see anyone there. The flowers are gorgeous and so well taken care of. It’s a very calm and restful place.

  2. Those flowers are spectacular!

    Visiting from Wordless Wednesday by David.

    • I know Meg! That is one of the reasons I love this park so much. It’s in memory of our local veterans, and it is so well taken care of!

  3. Those flowers are HUGE! I can’t remember that orange flower! Grrrr I can’t find the lizard! =( Weeping Willows are my favorite!! =)

    • Another sign that we are true sisters! Weeping willows have always been my favorite. I used to play under one in a neighbors yard. The shade kept us cool, and was wonderful to play under. Unfortunately, it also provided my Dad more switches than I like to admit! LOL! The lizard is in the middle at the top of the plant. His little head is looking off to the right.

  4. What a gorgeous park! &Such a smart idea to not drive back & forth twice if it’s that far.

    • Ugh, Shell, you have no idea! The roads are lo-o-ong and winding. It’s only a 15-20 minute drive, but twice in one day? No thank you!

  5. That’s the largest hibiscus I’ve ever seen! Beautiful…& the other photographs are also lovely.

    • Aren’t the hibiscus flowers amazing! I’ve never seen them that big either, but you know what they say about Texas… everything is bigger and better here!

  6. I found the lizard 🙂 and those are some pretty flowers 🙂

  7. That pink flower is my jam! so pretty!

  8. Wow, what a great way to kill some time; it’s gorgeous! That flower that you don’t know the name of is a Bird of Paradise. We have 2 in our yard. One of them always blooms with butterfly shaped flowers; it’s awesome! 🙂


  1. […] This beautiful Hibiscus grows in Memory Park. It’s a little park in town to honor our local veterans. These beautiful pink flowers are as big as your head! You can see my son standing among them in this WW post from the past. […]

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