My Dad, Lucy, and MaggieMae’s New Dog Bed ~ WW

My Dad, Lucy, and MaggieMae’s New Dog Bed ~ WW

Lucy and Daddy for Wordless Wednesday

This is my Dad – and Lucy. Lucy is a spoiled rotten, sweet, loving dog. She is not my sister – no matter how many times my Dad says it. I’m worried about my Dad if anything ever happens to Lucy, but I am more worried about Lucy if anything happens to my Dad. She loves him like nobody’s business. The sun rises and sets through him, in her eyes. When I tried to hug him, with her in his lap, she nipped at my hands! I will say she is very generous. She had two of these little dog beds in my Dad’s office. One was a duck, the other was a puppy. When I asked where they got them, Lucy and my Dad decided that they would give one of Lucy’s dog beds to me for my dog, MaggieMae.

MaggieMae in her duck bed from Daddy and Lucy MaggieMae loves the duck bed my Dad and Lucy gave her!

Every other dog bed she’s ever had, she’s ripped to shreds. She loves this bed, and sleeps on it every night on the floor on my side of the bed. Thank you Lucy, and Dad!

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  1. very cute i wouldn’t shred it either if i was her 🙂

  2. It is amazing the bond that forms between us & our pets. May your dad & Lucy continue to enjoy many happy years together! I am visiting from Wordless Wed.

  3. Dog beds are a commodity around here 🙂

  4. What a loving dog…well, to your dad at least! Too funny!

  5. Funny how these little friends are, glad you found a bed she wants to keep!!

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