WW ~ Sporty Grandchildren

WW ~ Sporty Grandchildren

Growing Grandchildren

Sporty Grandchildren - Cheerleader Granddaughter - Geli

This is my granddaughter, Geli. She’s in cheerleading, and on this particular day, she is cheering for the team playing against her brother’s team. Hey, it allowed me to get pictures of both of them! LOL!

Sporty Grandchildren - Football Player Grandson - CJ

He looks mean doesn’t he? LOL! He absolutely is the most kind-hearted child you would ever find! This is my oldest grandson, CJ. It’s so hard for me to believe they are getting so big! I guess we can’t put them in a box and keep them forever!


  1. Great pics of your grand kids! 😀

  2. That’s so great that they are both involved in activities! It’s hilarious that she was cheering for the OTHER team though!

  3. They’re both so adorable! Awesome that they are enjoying sports and staying active.

  4. Beautiful pictures – love that they were on opposing teams, nothing like a lil sibling rivalry.

  5. Love these pics, Kay! I can’t wait for my babies to get into sports :)!

  6. awww funny they were against each other.

  7. Too cute! Too funny that they were on opposite sides.

  8. lol How is your granddaughter cheering for the team playing against her brother? I actually love that football photo because he looks like a model and they do grow up so fast!

    • There weren’t enough girls that wanted to cheer for that team, or something, anyway, they put her on this other cheer team – and their football team was playing against her brother’s team. LOL. Thank you for your wonderful comments about my grandson! I think he COULD be a model, but I AM his Nana, lol.


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