The Safety Show ~ A New DVD from The Mother Company

The Safety Show ~ A New DVD from The Mother Company

The Safety Show by The Mother Company

Teach Your Child To Be Safe The Fun Way!

When I was growing up, we could leave our cars unlocked at night. People didn’t break into other peoples cars, or houses. I think there was more respect for others back then. Now, you have people touching children, breaking into homes while the people are still home, the world has run amuck. Our children need to be taught who they can trust, and who they can’t. They need to know how to tell the difference. We need a way to teach them these things, that won’t scar them for life, or put them in therapy. The Mother company has found an effective, enjoyable way to do this without freaking our children and grandchildren out. They make it fun, and easy to understand.

The moms at The Mother Company created their DVD Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show to help our children know who they can trust and who they shouldn’t. They help kids develop the tools they need to know to be safe and help keep each other safe. This DVD is full of fun little clips, music, and dialog about how to know what’s right and what isn’t. Just look…

Would you like to learn more about Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show? Here’s a really cute post from founder Abbie Schiller about why they created The Safety Show DVD. Then go to this page and get your own copy with this discount code (Safety2013) at purchase for 20% off DVD or download for The Safety Show (expires 12/31/13).

The Safety Show is coming to a town near you! Check out the free live showings and kids activities here.

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