Granddaughter’s Birthday Party – WW

Granddaughter’s Birthday Party – WW

My Geli’s Tenth Birthday

My granddaughter decorating cake

My granddaughter turned 10 this month, and my daughter decided her party would be a cake decorating party! All the girls got their own white frosted cake to decorate and take home! There were all kinds of sprinkles, candies and colors of frostings to decorate with. Everyone had a ton of fun!

Everyone got a cake to decorateYes, I blurred faces.

The beautiful lady starting things off there in the back is my granddaughter’s MeMe. It’s my Geli’s great-grandma on her Daddy’s side. That’s Daddy against the wall, and my Geli’s other Grandma with her camera up in the air!

Cross necklace I got my granddaughter for her birthday

This is the beautiful cross I got my granddaughter for her birthday. Hey! It’s her first ‘double-digit’ birthday, so I had to get her something ‘grown-up’! I also got her a toy!

ChaCha being silly - as usual!

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a party without ChaCha acting silly!

So, this is what I did last weekend. I hope your week has been great! Please come link up with us for Wordless Wednesday!


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