Safari Ltd ~ 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Safari Ltd ~ 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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Creating Wonderment Since 1982

Do you have preschoolers who like to pretend play? Cars on a ‘street’ rug, dolls in a doll house, farm animals with a barn? Safari Ltd. can help your child stretch their imagination even farther!

Safari Ltd. Camel

You won’t believe the wonderful selection of plastic animals and creatures they carry! Jungle, ocean, and desert animals, fantasy and mythical creatures, dinosaurs of every era – Safari Ltd. has it! Want to know what makes these toys even better?

Safari Ltd. is GREEN!!

Safari Ltd uses special packaging that is 100% recyclable. They support pollution control and natural resource management. They are members of Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy Associations. Safari Ltd also supports conservation, animal protection, and ecologically sound business practices, and provide a page where you can donate to some of the organizations they support. This all makes me extremely happy with this company!

My grandson is a dinosaur fiend, and Safari Ltd has some of the most terrifying dino’s I’ve ever seen. You can find them here, here and Here.

Safari Ltd. Dinosaurs

Just look at that T-Rex! All growly with his big white teeth showing! All Safari Ltd’s figures are hand painted. Pretty amazing, huh? They are all so lifelike. They are also very sturdy, well made figures. I’m not afraid to give my grandson any of these toys. I know he’ll have fun making all of them storm my daughter’s home!

Safari Ltd T-Rex, Miragaia, and baby Allosaurus

These dino’s will terrorize my grandsons siblings, and probably be his favorite toys this year. Safari Ltd’s figures are very collectible. I plan to add to my grandson’s collection through out the year. Hey, some of these will be great in his Easter basket, and I think I could find a red dinosaur for Valentine’s Day!

Scary T-Rex from Safari Ltd

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Make sure you do all of these because they are entries for the giveaway!  Yes! I said giveaway! Safari Ltd has agreed to let me give away a dinosaur of choice to one of my readers! Go to the Rafflecopter below and enter to win!


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  1. natalie parvis says:

    I would like the Stegosaurus,

  2. I think my boys would love the T-Rex

  3. Gail Chafe says:

    T-Rex my grandson would love

  4. Harmony B says:

    my son loves Tyrannosaurus rex

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