Zoomer – Zipping in for Christmas!

Zoomer – Zipping in for Christmas!

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Zoomer on the Christmas List

*I received Zoomer from SpinMasterToys to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

Every year I call my kids, and ask what the grandkids have on the lists they made for Santa. I do my very best to get each child at least one of the gifts they have asked for. This year my oldest granddaughter asked for only three things; a real dog, a phone, and Zoomer from Spin Master Toys. Now, I won’t buy a phone for a 10 yr old. I just don’t think it’s appropriate. Her parents won’t let her have a real dog, so, I figured I could at least try for Zoomer. When Spin Master Toys actually sent him, I was almost as ecstatic as I expect my granddaughter will be!

A box full of Zoomer!

When I pulled him from the box to check him out, he was just so adorable! Now I see why she fell in love with him! He does all these wonderful tricks! The instruction book has all the directions you need to train him to sit, roll over, lay down – all the tricks a real dog can do, but without the long training period! To be honest, I told my husband we should consider a Zoomer ourselves the next time we even think about getting a dog. Zoomer is easier to train, and you don’t have to worry about potty training!!

Zoomer's left side

When I called my daughter to let her know that I would be giving Zoomer, she got excited too. The last thing I remember her saying before we got off the phone was, “You better buy batteries to put in that package too!” How wonderful that Zoomer doesn’t need batteries! He carries his own rechargeable inside him! All you have to do is plug him up to a USB charger and in an hour, he’s ready to go. Almost everyone who has a cell phone, has a USB charger! Easy-peasy!

Charging Zoomer is easy! All you need is his charging cord and a USB charger!

This sweet guy’s eyes light up too! This picture is while he was charging. When he’s fully charged, the eyes will be completely lit.  If he doesn’t understand what you say to him, or if he’s waiting for a command, there is a ? in his eyes. Isn’t that adorable!?!

Zoomer's eyes light up to show you if he's charged

He is easily carried, and is so smart he can follow you. The only drawback I can see about Zoomer is that you have to wait 10 -15 minutes after playing with him to charge him. Then, it takes an hour for him to charge, but he only has a 20 – 30 minute operating time. Yeah, it takes twice as long to charge him as the time he’ll play before running down. I think that’s acceptable to put a smile on my granddaughter’s face. I think Grandparents will often do things for grandkids that they wouldn’t normally do.

I really love the look of this little guy. I’m going to love the look on my granddaughter’s face even more. You can follow Zoomer on Facebook and Twitter. You can find him at Walmart, Target, and other stores that carry toys.

What’s on Santa’s list for your little one this year?


  1. This is on my son’s wish list too. I would love to get it for him. I hope your granddaughter likes it.

  2. Oh wow! That is amazing! My girls would love one of these. Take pictures when you give to your granddaughter!!

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