America’s Farmers – The Heart of Sustenance

 America’s Farmers are not so different from you or me!

*This post was created in partnership with America’s Farmers. All opinions are my own.

Pretty sure by now, any of you that have ever read my blog know that we have a small hobby farm. It’s not big by any means, but it is a lot of work, none-the-less. What you don’t know is that I wanted to live on a farm from the time I was little. Of course, back then, I wanted a farm for the horses, and chickens. I didn’t realize how much work they required to stay up and running. I really admire women like Debbie Lyons-Blythe; they run huge farms, as well as families just like yours and mine.

Debbie knows all about the work that a real farm requires. She and her husband are raising five children on a farm that was originally homesteaded in 1890 and has been in the family for four generations. All of the children’s earliest memories are of riding with their mom in the truck while doing normal daily farm chores. Debbie not only takes care of normal day-to-day ranch business, but also blogs and advocates for the cattle industry. She was named America’s Farmers Mom of the Year for 2012. It’s not hard to understand why!

Debbie, her husband Duane, and their twin boys (the other three children are in college), raise more than 500 head of cattle, as well as growing hay, corn, soybean, alfalfa, and wheat in Kansas. The twins, Tyler and Eric, are the youngest in the family. They play football (just like my boys) when they aren’t helping on the farm. They are very proud of their mom, who, they say, “…does so much for us, but also the community.”

Farmers and their families are not so different from my family, or yours. They wake up every morning, get dressed, and go to work/school, just like us. The difference is, their jobs touch all of us, in one way or another every day. Without farmers – where would we be?

You can learn more about farming with the Blythe’s and other families at America’s Farmers. They are more like you than you know! Check out this commercial that aired during the superbowl …



  1. We support our local farmers because we want to know what is in our food and support their way of life.

    I do admit that we have asked questions such as do you plant GMO seeds or not to our local farmers and bought/not bought from them based on their answers. This campaign is sponsored by Monsanto so sadly it isn’t a campaign I can support.

  2. We live in a large farming area for Eastern Washington. A lot of our friends are farmers. I am so happy that these commercials are being shared

  3. We support our local, small farmers and markets. There aren’t many winter markets here, so we make up for it in the spring.

  4. I am a big supporter of small farmers. It is sad that so many family farms are swallowed up by corporate entities.

  5. I live in a farming area and love to support our local farmers. I would much rather spend time getting my food from pick your own farms and farmers markets. I’m so thankful for our local farmers!

  6. This country needs to stand behind out farmers so much more than the support they are being given. They truly are the back bone to our country and need to thrive instead of survive.

  7. We support our local farmers as much as we can. From heading to farmers markets to purchasing from the local section of our grocery stores. I find it’s important to make sure that we know exactly where our food is from.

    • I agree Danielle. It is very important to know where our food comes from. It’s important to know so you know if it’s full of GMO’s or not!

  8. We love out local farmers here in California. One of my favorite things to do with the kids is go to the local farmers market on Saturday. The fruits and veggies are just so much better quality.

    • Find you some yard eggs Chelsea! You wont believe how much better they taste than store bought eggs!

  9. One of my best friend’s is a farmer and we just love the work he does so much for our community! Farmers work SO incredibly hard and deserve so much more support. We LOVE our local farmers!

  10. You are so right there is no difference, I love the work they do!

  11. I never grew up on a farm but my husband spent some on his childhood on one. I live in Montana where there are ranches all around us. We support farming and ranching in our house. I love that commercial too, by the way. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. We live in farming country and buy our beef from the farmer down the road, get our garden dirt from the farmer on our road and have a huge dairy farm behind us. Farmers are so important!

    • My mom & stepdad had cattle until recently when they retired. The beef is better than what you get in the grocery store! I buy fruit and veggies from the ‘u-pick’ farmers around us – what we don’t grow ourselves.

  13. I love going to farmers markets. Its the best produce around.

  14. Thank you for sharing this video and Debbie’s story! She’s a friend of my friend and a very hard working and loving mom. I was so excited to see her honored on an ad during the Superbowl!!

    I live in rural Kansas. All my close friends are farmers working on family farms. I love and admire the hardworking farmers that grow the food I eat.

  15. In the summer here we try to support local farms, sometimes it’s a great deal too!

  16. We definitely prefer to buy produce, meats and other foods from local small farmers and farmer’s markets when we can. It amazes me how many people don’t really think about where their food comes from and all the work and potential hardships farmers deal with on a daily basis.

  17. Congrats to Debbie on winning America’s Farmer’s Mom of the Year in 2012! We try to support our farmers by going to the farms and purchasing our produce from farmer’s markets. We love it because it’s fresher, tastier, and healthier!

  18. I tend to only buy organic produce and grassfed beef because so many farms are using GMO crops now. I would love to find MORE farms that offered organic stuff!

  19. I have a lot of respect for farmers. I think of how hard it is to maintain my own little mini farm in my backyard and can’t even imagine how hard life is for a family at the mercy of the weather with such a large farm.

  20. I respect them and are very happy that they still exist – in this crazy world.

  21. The true heart of America.. the Farmer!!!

  22. I love going to the Farmers Markets here in the summer!!

  23. My aunt has a farmer’s store in her small town in Minnesota. She posted a photo of one of their recent store patrons… a goat! Coming from Iowa and having grown up with friends who are farmer families, I understand their importance. More important, I understand how hard they work!

  24. I went to school with many farmers. I love seeing farming shared

  25. Those darn commercials make me cry everytime!

  26. You are absolutely right.. where would be without farmers? I know plenty of people that would starve to death if they had to farm their own food. lol I can only imagine the work it takes.. we had a large garden, and that was enough to keep up with.

  27. Agreed! We support local as much as we can (we live in a desert), but when we can’t we support those in neighboring states who drive out to the Farmer’s Markets here. We the people need to take America back!

    • I agree Stefanie, and I think we can do that by supporting local grown and made products. Keep it in America, and even then, as local as possible.

  28. We have some local farmers here as well and visiting the local Farmer’s Market is always great as well.

  29. I grew up with both sets of grandparents having vegetable gardens, and my kids dad was a big farmer in our area. I think the value of getting fresh grown has stuck with me. I prefer the veggies we can get from flea market instead of the ones we get at the grocery store. Tastes better!

  30. We are doing our best to build up to self sufficiency this year. We have chickens and goats and as soon as I can we are planting a large garden. I love my mini farm!

    • You can do it! We are pretty much self sufficient here. We have chickens (& consequently eggs). Our farm has a water well, so no city water for us! We are hoping to dig a deeper pond in coming years, and stock it with fish. We plant a garden just about every Spring, and occasionally a few things for Fall. It’s so nice to know, if anything happens, with a little bartering (for things like milk, fruit) we could make it on our own.Feels good doesn’t it?!

  31. I have so much respect for he work farmers do- early morning work, thankless hours, so much responsibility!I hope the USA starts supporting their farmers more – they deserve it.

  32. American farmers are superheroes. They work tirelessly to grow food for the rest of us.

    But if the farmers are superheros, the America’s Farmers group is a super villan – of the worst kind. America’s Farmers is a cleverly crafted PR campaign of Monsanto. They are promoting farmers who grow their GMO crops which are sprayed heavily with Round Up – a pesticide highly toxic to humans. They have a negative public image due to their fight against GMO labeling and their toxic pesticides (both in and on food) so are paying respected bloggers to write about these farmers – the good guys in order to promote their underhanded agenda. I’m sorry you got roped into it.

    • Carissa, You are right, and this is the reason I have dropped this campaign. I’ll not be writing for them anymore, but you will be seeing a few articles against them coming up!

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