Chevy Girl Truck for WW

Chevy Girl Truck for WW

Chevy All The Way!

Our family is a Chevy family. We own three Chevy trucks … and my Jeep, lol! When I saw this gorgeous truck in the parking lot at the grocery store, I had to get pictures. My youngest son was with me when we saw it. When we got home I showed it to his brother, and he said, “Nice Truck! I’d drive it!” We had to laugh, because he’s always so adamant about not wearing a pink shirt. (I have told them it takes a real man to wear a pink shirt, he absolutely refuses.) So once he realized it has pink interior, he recanted. It is definitely a nice truck. I’d sure drive it!!

Chevy Truck with a Pink Bowtie!

Love those tail lights! Chevy Girl!

I just love those tail light covers! ‘Chevy Girl’ I want a truck like this someday, but until then, I like my Jeep just fine!

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Do you have a favorite brand vehicle?


  1. I don’t necessarily have a favorite. As long as they’re tough and rugged, that’s what I like! I could never do the pink!

  2. I Love that truck! I’m not a Pink girl, but Id drive it!

  3. The only thing wrong with that truck is that it’s not a Ford, hehe.

    • Um, I guess that’s a matter of opinion Danielle! LOL! You know I love you even if you do prefer Fords!

  4. Haha! I love it. It would be funny if some guy bought that for his wife and then ended up having to drive it around!

  5. So pretty! I’d drive it too! 🙂

  6. Aww love it. So cute in pink.

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