Kids Eat Free at iT’Z on Thursdays!

Kids Eat Free at iT’Z on Thursdays!

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iT’Z Family Food & Fun!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, our family loves iT’Z! The kids can eat to their heart’s stomach’s content, and then go play games, and win tickets, all while Hubby & I relax and enjoy a movie! There’s more to eat than just pizza! There’s  pasta, baked potatoes, nachos and salad! Of course, the pizza is great too. I love the deserts, and the soft serve ice cream.

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Ok, here’s the most important thing you should know! Kids eat free on Thursday! Yes! Two children can eat free for every paid adult. That means, on nights that Hubby has to work late, I can take the boys to iT’Z pizza. We can all do the things we enjoy! Tuesdays aren’t bad either, with buffets being only $2.99 and .99 cent drinks!

itzkidseatfreeimage001There are all kinds of great video type games to play, as well as bowling, bumper cars,and the ‘Disc-o’. The boys always like to play the ‘redemption’ games. ‘Redemption’ games give tickets that you can turn in for prizes to take home!

Video Games

Video Games



Skee Ball!


The boys love finding new little trinkets at the prize redemption room. They’ve seen remote control cars, huge stuffed animals, and all kinds of other great prizes in that room, but they usually end up with the cheesy little prizes. That’s because they are teenagers, and believe in ‘instant gratification’! They just don’t want to believe that they can save them from visit to visit and get one of those great prizes instead!


At the end of the day, we all go home full, happy, and relaxed, and the boys have a few little trinkets!

HEY! It’s Thursday, wanna go to iT’Z?


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