Navasota High School Mascot ~ WW

Navasota High School Mascot ~ WW

Navasota Football Team Mascot

We went on our normal feed run last weekend. As most of you know about every 3 to 4 weeks, we make a trip into College Station to pick up feed for our menagerie here on the farm. Occasionally we’ll make a little side stop. This week Hubby decided to take a drive through Navasota, where we stopped and walked through a few antique shops on Main Street (oh, how I love small town America!). While in one shop, my son found a postcard with a statue of a rattlesnake on it. The shopkeeper let him know that the statue on the card, was at the Navasota High School.

Navasota High School Mascot Statue

After perusing through several little antique shops, and purchasing some homemade fudge at one, we started on our journey home. Little did I know, Hubby was on a mission … a mission to find this giant rattlesnake statue.

Navasota High School Mascot Statue Tail

The statue was just outside the stadium, located right next to the high school on the way out of town. We had passed it every time we had driven through Navasota without ever seeing it!

Boys with the Navasota High School Mascot Statue

I thought this last picture of the Navasota High School mascot would give you some perspective into the actual size of this statue. When we looked at the postcard, we thought the statue was much bigger than we found it to be in real life. I didn’t want you to think this was a 9 or 10 foot snake, like we did. It is impressive though!

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  1. I’m glad my HS had a more “cuddly” mascot. *Shudder*

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