AB-ICE26R Ice Maker from Avalon Bay

AB-ICE26R Ice Maker from Avalon Bay

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When 4 Ice Trays Are Not Enough

*I received the AB-ICE26R to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

We looked at new refrigerators recently. It’s not that ours is ready to die or anything. It’s been a really good fridge for the last twelve years, but we really wanted a new fridge with the ice maker and water in the door. The freezer side of our fridge is small, and we stuff it full – even the top shelf where the ice trays and bucket usually live. We try to keep drinks cold in the fridge, but there’s always that time when you really need ice. The best answer to our problem was this beautiful AB-ICE26R Ice Maker from Avalon Bay.

AB-ICE26R Ice Maker from Avalon Bay

I absolutely love this ice maker. I can turn it on in the morning, fill it with water, and it doesn’t take long before it’s full of ice. It will make 26 lbs. of ice a day. I love the bright candy-apple red color! My kitchen is apple-themed so this gorgeous red fits right in perfectly! It is so easy to use too. Just plug it in, turn it on, and add water to the ‘Fill’ line (1/2 gallon). Choose what size ice you want on the LED front (small or large) and it does the rest.Large Ice from the Avalon Bay Ice Maker

When the ice basket is full, the ‘ICEFULL’ light comes on, and the machine automatically cuts off. When it’s out of water, the ‘ADD WATER’ light comes on. It only weighs 20 lbs so it is totally portable. It goes from home to RV to boat as easy as pie. Ok, we don’t have a boat, but it’s easily moved from home to the RV! Since it is so small it doesn’t take up much room at all, even in the RV.

LED Display on the AB-ICE26R Ice Maker

Now, don’t you want one of these sweet ice makers? That’s what I thought! The wonderful people over at Avalon Bay have graciously agreed to let me give one away! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below…
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  1. Donna Cheatle says:

    The question is about a coffee maker, but the post is about an ice maker. hmmm. Just in case, lol, here’s the answers to both. I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t really know much about what’s a good coffee maker and what isn’t, sorry. I go through a lot of ice all year round and this would be so handy to have!

    • Oops! My mistake! I totally missed fixing this silly question (but it’s fixed now!) Thank you for the heads up and the very cute answer~!

  2. Leela says:

    Mr. Coffee® Café Barista, Black.
    Caribou K-Cup Caribou Blend Coffee.

  3. I’m guessing you meant for us to comment on the ice maker vs a coffee maker? 😀 Our ice maker on our fridge was leaking and I have no room for trays. I’d love to have this so I can stop buying ice.

  4. Margot C says:

    I don’t have one of those fridges with an ice maker. The tray make me crazy (especially in summer) and I LIVE on iced coffee!

  5. Judy Cox says:

    My husband was talking about this item the other day. He had seen one at a store he was at and said we should check it out it would be very convienient for us.

  6. Nancy Loring says:

    I like that you choose the size if ice that you want. I want it because I am tired of trying to get those ice cubes that are stuck in the tray. Know matter how you bend it, hit it on the counter or curse at it they won’t come out. This icemaker solves that problem.

    • Oh, Nancy I so agree! The machine pops these out for you, into a basket. If you don’t get to them, they just melt back into the water reservoir. No problem!

  7. Laura J says:

    Oh I really love how easy it is to make the ice…and only weighs 20 pounds! I would love to have this, our ice maker went out about a year ago…and it cannot be fixed. 🙁 So, we have been without ice for awhile now…but I really miss it! I love ice in my tea and coffee.

  8. we live in Florida and it is hot we drink alot of iced tea..Our fridge does not have the ice maker on it its soooo old..So we have to buy ice every couple of days and it is a pain..This would be great for parties and for everyday use..

  9. latanya says:

    I like that it makes a lot of ice. We currently have to buy ice if we want ice, so having an ice maker would be awesome.

  10. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I would love to win this because our ice maker doe snot work. We have to use the trays. Sometimes we buy bags of ice. Great giveaway. I did not know there was an ice maker like this.

  11. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love how quick it makes the ice. Would save a lot of money instead of buying those bags of ice. I would love to win it because I can save a lot of money and always have ice on hand.

  12. I love how I would have extra ice so fast. Very nice especially in the summer. It is nice looking too!

  13. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that you can choose the size of ice it makes! We don’t have an ice maker so our ice is in ice trays that take up way too much room in the freezer….add to that certain people never fill them up and when you go to get ice and there is none, and we really need one! LOL

  14. I love that you can show the size of the ice. We are trying to start drinking more water but want ice to put in and buying it is expensive and our water isnt that good so I think this would be great for us because I could bring water from my in laws house in jugs and use

  15. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I love that it lets you choose whether you want small or large ice cubes. I would love to have this because we never have enough ice! It would be great to easily be able to make batches of ice to always have on hand.

  16. Deborah Gardner says:

    I love that it is easy to move and is so fast!

  17. E. Diane Macauley says:

    I love how fast it is! I don’t have any room for ice trays in our freezer either right now. As it continues to get hotter, it would be awesome to have iced beverages in a few minutes. I also like that any unused ice melts right back into the reservoir.

  18. Because I have an old fridge/freezer and have no room for any ice. This would be perfect on our little counter! I’d use the ice for smoothies!

  19. I love that it makes 26lbs of ice a day- with a family of 6 (and 5 of us home most of the day) we go through a lot of ice! Our fridge/freezer’s ice maker broke and no longer makes ice, so we buy bags of ice (sometimes a few or more a week)! This would be wonderful!

  20. Harmony B says:

    Like that’s its portable, would be great for outdoor parties

  21. I love that this makes ice so quick. And, I would love to win this as we buy ice twice a week,with 11 grandchildren and my kids not to mention I like ice in my soda 🙂

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