Blue Rhino’s Mr. Bar-B-Q Spotlight

Blue Rhino’s Mr. Bar-B-Q Spotlight

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Grillin’ in Style with Blue Rhino’s Mr. Bar-B-Q

Everyone knows that grilling is what Texans do in the warmer months. I would say, “in the Summer” but our Summer is more than 3 months long. Our Summer stretches into Fall, and because it’s just too HOT to cook, we do a lot of grilling. Now my Hubby is grilling in style, with tools from Blue Rhino’s Mr. Bar-B-Q.

 Blue Rhino's Mr. Bar-B-Q Soft Case

This wonderful set of five stainless steel grilling tools is exactly what he needed. This set comes in a soft case, so he always knows where they are. They are all stainless steel so they are easy to clean. This particular set includes a fork, a spatula, tongs, and a basting brush. They are all shiny, and made to last.

Great BBQ Tools from Blue Rhino's Mr. Bar-B-Q Tools!

There are several other sets as well, and if you wish, you can get the tools separately. I think the most elite set is the 21 piece Silver Prestige Stainless Steel Set. It comes in a hardside case with corn holders, skewers, salt & pepper shaker, a knife, and grill grate scrubber as well as the tongs, fork, baster brush and spatula. It is a great set! You can also get the tools with a number of different handles, including wood.

Blue Rhino’s Mr. Bar-B-Q also has every different kind of tool you can think of for grilling every kind of food you can think of. They carry baskets for grilling fish, veggies, hot dogs, you name it – you can find it there! I need the Stainless Steal Jalapeno Cooker with Corer. We love our Jalapeno Poppers!

You can win your own set of Blue Rhino’s Mr. Bar-B-Q tools in a soft case. It’s included in the over $800 prize pack in The Beachin’ Event – ENTER HERE.

Wouldn’t your Hubby/Boyfriend/Dad love this Blue Rhino’s Mr.Bar-B-Q Tool Set? 




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