Summertime Fun with Big G Cereal Movies

Summertime Fun with Big G Cereal Movies

Friday Night is Movie Night (with Big G)

*This article is sponsored by General Mills Big G Cereals. All opinions are my own.

On Friday nights, after all the animals are fed, and showers are taken, we wind down with a movie and some snacks. Sometimes we have ice cream, sometimes we have brownies or cake, and sometimes we eat snacks that I make from Big G cereals. Recently I discovered that Big G cereals have codes on the inside. Collect two codes, and you can download one of ten free awesome movies from General Mills and Fox!

General Mills Big G Cereals with Free Movie Codes

We chose Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It’s just one of ten awesome Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment moves that you can download. We already own the other Ice Age movies, so we thought this was the natural choice.

Get free HD movies from General Mills Big G Cereals!

Right now Big G cereals also have great recipes for snacks on the side panels of the boxes! I haven’t used any of these recipes yet, but I did make one of the boys favorites for our movie night. We call it S’mores Snack Mix. It’s basically half a box of Golden Grahams, half a box of Reese’s Puffs, a bag of small marshmallows, and half a bag of chocolate chips. Now, the amount of ingredients is adjustable. Just put in as much as you like of each ingredient. We almost always end up using a whole bag of chocolate chips because Hubby dumps the other half in while I’m not looking.

S'mores Snack Mix made with Big G cereals.

The boys love this snack mix, about as much as they love the movies we watch. They decided to watch Ice Age on the laptop, so their Dad could watch the television.

Boys Watching Ice Age download from BigG Cereals

Get your codes from inside the General Mills Big G Cereals and download your families choice of these ten movies! They are all great for the summer!

Which movie would your family choose to download?



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