August is #AudioFest at Best Buy!

August is #AudioFest at Best Buy!

#AudioFest Means Best Prices at Best Buy!

*I have received Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers & Samsung Wireless Speaker HUB to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own! #AudioFest 

My family loves music. The stereo is always playing out in the barn, or yard. We spend a lot of time outside, so music is playing outside our home a lot. When we’ve had family get-togethers in the past, Hubby would drag his huge speakers out onto the porch so we could have music. Cords spliced together, running everywhere for little ones to trip over, having to run inside to turn it down for announcements, moving to a remote part of the yard for conversations – those days are over, thanks to Audio Fest at Best Buy!

Time for August #AudioFest at Best Buy!

I do not have to worry about that type of chaotic mess any more. This little beauty is the Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Now, I can set these speakers up on the deck, on a truck toolbox, anywhere, and you can hear the music everywhere. If it’s too loud for conversation, we can turn it down, or move the speaker! All of it hooks up easily thanks to a great smartphone app and Bluetooth, which makes them fantastic for surround sound!

Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Another reason this is fantastic is because in our house, when the dishwasher is running (or the washing machine for that matter,) it’s hard to hear the television. NO MORE! Two speakers in the living room provide more than enough listening pleasure. Wait – did I say television? YES I DID!! This sweet speaker hooks up to the television, through the Samsung Wireless Speaker Hub, so we can hear it over the appliances.

Samsung Wireless Speaker HUB

You can find these great speakers at Best Buy’s Audio Fest during the whole month of August. They don’t take up as much room as Hubby’s big, old box speakers,(which have been relocated to the barn) and they sound a hundred times better. Not only that, you can save a ton of money on them during #AudioFest.

Samsung M5 Wireless Speakers at #AudioFest

Best Buy makes it easy to enjoy your music; Audio Fest makes it easy on the pocketbook!

What do you need from Best Buy? Get it during #AudioFest!


  1. I LOVE wireless speakers, we have one and we take it evey where with us!

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