Hey Bloggers! Home Redesign Giveaway Hop SignUps!

Home ReDesign Campaign Giveaway SignUps!

Is it time to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom? My house is over 16 yrs old, and, as you know, we’ve slowly been redoing things here and there. You all saw my beautiful new laminate floors, the living room wallpaper, and those fantastic backsplash tiles in my kitchen. As we work on things, I will continue to give you updates, but right now I want to invite you to get in on the fun!

You know, you don’t have to completely redo a whole room to freshen things up a bit! Just swap out those dated throw pillows on your couch, or switch out those tired old drapes for something a little more modern and bright! ReviewIt PR is having a Home ReDesign Campaign Giveaway Hop from November 3-13th, 2014 and they want you to join along! Here are the details and requirements ~ 

FREE to Join!
Dates: November 3-13, 2014
Starts: November 3, at 12:00AM
Ends: 12:00AM, on November 13.

Prize Requirements: Minimum $25.00 in prizes
Help your readers get prepared for their home (one or more prize packages winners are okay, but each winner must receive at least $25 worth of prizes)
Hashtag: #HomeReDesign

You don’t have to post on your blog, but if you are joining up, you should know it will help get the word out! Also, please at least promote it on your Facebook and Twitter if you aren’t posting in your blog!

Go sign up HERE at ReviewIt PR  and then get busy pitching! I’m thinking about my Master Bath. I seriously need a new faucet in there, and really want a new vanity. Come on! Join the fun!

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