Prize Candle – What’s Inside?

Prize Candle – What’s Inside?

This is an example of Prize Candle Jewelry

Beautiful Baubles $10 – $5,000

*I received a Prize Candle to facilitate this review via Tastemaker Mom. All opinions are my own. #TMMPrizeCandle

We’ve all seen them. Those candles that have a piece of jewelry hidden in them somewhere. Everyone is blogging about them online – including me, now. I remember thinking the first time I saw them, that it couldn’t be real. Ok, I knew there were really candles out there with jewelry in them, because the pictures were all over social media. I didn’t really believe anyone ever won something real or expensive. Because of those feelings, I didn’t bother to give them a second thought – until I was approached to review a Prize Candle.


I had a few blogger friends who were also reviewing these candles, and as I saw the beautiful rings they were finding, it made it more relevant to me. The rings my friends were showing weren’t gaudy or ugly, so I probably wouldn’t get an ugly one either. Not only that, but, my candle could hold a ring worth up to five thousand dollars! I had been reluctant to burn it because I didn’t want to be disappointed, and honestly, the scent I had received was not my favorite. I decided I did want to find out what was in that candle though, so I lit it.Stages of a Prize Candle

Prize Candle was begun by a team of people who wanted an eco-conscious candle line that was also affordable. Together they developed Prize Candle, an all natural soy wax candle in great fragrances, with an added bonus. I love that all the rings I’ve seen have been fairly simple, graceful designs. I haven’t seen anything that I would consider gaudy, or ugly. Even if the stones aren’t rare expensive stones, they are breathtakingly beautiful. The piece I found in my candle was wonderful, and definitely something I will wear for years to come – even if it was only $10!

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